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Edit Patient Recall Message

Updated: 11/27/2019
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Patient Recall Messages can be easily edited, disabled, or deleted through the Patient Communications function. Any changes to Patient Recall Messages are made globally across the practice.

Available for Kareo Engage subscribers.


Access Patient Recall Messages

  • Hover over the Platform icon and click on Patient Communications. The Patient Communications page opens.


Edit a Patient Recall Message

  1. Click the Patient Recall Message card under the After the visit section. The Patient Recall settings open.
  2. Click Manage Recall Messages. The Patient Recall  page displays a list of recall messages.


  1. Click Edit to the right of the recall message you want to update. The Edit a Recall Message pop-up window opens.
  2. Enter your changes to the message title, text, or delivery.
  3. Click Preview to see how the message will appear to patients.
  4. Click Save when finished. 

Disable or Delete a Patient Recall Message

  1. To disable a recall message, click the drop-down arrow on the right of the recall message and select Disable or Delete. A confirmation window opens.
  2. Click Disable or Delete in the confirmation window. A disabled message displays with a gray Disabled status at the end of the list. A deleted message is removed from the list.


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