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Kareo Help Center

Add New Kareo Module

Updated: 05/24/2021
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Visit the Solution Center to learn how Kareo can add even more value to your business. Subscribing to multiple Kareo modules creates a single experience for both managing and marketing your practice. New modules can be added by users with the System Administrator role.

Access Solution Center

  • Hover over the User icon and click on Solution Center. The Solution Center opens.

Purchase New Module

A check mark displays on the icon of modules that are active on the account.

  1. Click Buy Now on the module. The Providers page opens.
  1. If necessary, click to clear the checkbox to remove a provider from the module purchase.
  2. Click Continue to proceed. The Confirmation page opens.
  1. Review the provider names included in the module purchase.
    • If applicable, click I have a promo code to enter a promotional code.
  2. Click to select and agree to the Terms of Service.
  3. Click Confirm to purchase the module. The Solution Center reopens with a green confirmation message.
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