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Kareo Help Center

User Guides

Utilize the guides below to set up your practice for success.

Getting Started

Onboarding Success Guide Instructions on how to prepare for onboarding with Kareo.
Download the Admin Guide Instructions on how to properly configure Kareo.


Paper to Electronic Claim Guide -  Professional Health Care Claims Instructions on where, in Kareo, to find commonly referenced paper and electronic claim data. Also included is a CMS-1500 (02/12) Claim Form to ASC X12 837P v5010 Crosswalk.
UB-04 Form Instructions on how to map fields in Kareo to the UB-04 Form.
Claim Scrubbing Guide Instructions on how to establish best practices around claim scrubbing processes.
Managing Copays Instructions on how to manage and enter copays.
Payment Posting Instructions on how to manually and automatically post payments.
Microsoft Excel Add-In Instructions on how to install and use the Kareo Add-In for Microsoft Excel to build custom reports.
API Technical Guide Instructions on how to build software applications that accesses the Kareo SOAP API.


eLabs Instructions on how to enroll in eLabs to order patient lab test electronically.
Template Editor Guide Instructions on how to modify exiting templates and create custom templates.


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