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Use MindTouch reports

After you've configured Google Analytics, it's time to learn how to use MindTouch reports to analyze the validity of your content in MindTouch.

Review available reports

To review all available reports in MindTouch, navigate to Site tools > Dashboard:

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HelpRequest usage
The usage report provides insight into how your site's success is impacting your licensed HelpRequests. Depending on your MindTouch license, you will have a different limit of HelpRequests assigned to your site. 

Search terms and queries
The search report provides a visual cloud of search terms users entered most often. The search queries list is ordered by the most popular search term to least popular search and displays the search result clicked most often for the entered search term (Top clicked result).

Search insights
The Search Insights report provides data for how users search within your MindTouch site and through your MindTouch Touchpoints.

Site activity
The site activity report provides a graphical representation of how your users and content have grown over time. It allows you to see a site's total pages and users as well as a breakdown of content created, edited, and deleted.

Site history
Site history provides an overview of changes across the whole site. The site history helps you identify when a page was changed, who made the change, and so provides a quick overview of how your site has changed. 

User activity
Also known as the user view and search report, the user activity report provides a full list of user view and search activity.

User contributions
 The user contribution report gives insight into the following for specific users: pages created, page revisions, page restrictions, pages moved, pages renamed, attachments changed, tags changed, pages reversed, editor summaries.


Additional reports are available under SEO (search engine optimization):

Available Reports Learn More!
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Community scoring
The community scoring report provides a graph showing how your users rated pages throughout your site. Results can be narrowed based on search queries or extended by using advanced search operators.

Content aging
The content aging report provides you with a graph showing pages that have been edited based on their last edited date (i.e. age) throughout your site. Results can be narrowed based on search queries or extended by using advanced search operators. This report can be downloaded as a CSV for offline mining.

XML Sitemap
An XML sitemap lets you view all pages URLs of your site in hierarchy form. 

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