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2. Creating Groups

Creating Groups

To create users in MindTouch, navigate to Site Tools > Control Panel:


Within the Control Panel, click on Users & Groups > Groups, and then click on Add Groups:

group link.png

On this page, add in one or more groups separated by commas or new lines, and give the Group the "Viewer" role:

Group Role Best Practices

If your site contains semi-public, semi-private and/or private pages, we recommend configuring users and groups with the role of Viewer in the control panel, since higher permissions can always be added on individual pages or sections later as needed. 

NOTE: The highest group role assigned (whether assigned in the control panel or on the page) always takes precedence on that page.

Community Members can be added to Groups, though the role of a Group only applies to Pro Members in the Group.

When creating users, keep in mind the user is granted the higher of the two roles (whether it be their individual User role, or their highest Group role) across the entire site.

 Now that you know how to create a Group, try it out yourself! Consider creating a group for your customers and a separate group for employees. 

Want a deeper dive on managing Groups?

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