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Kareo Platform Release Notes February 23, 2017

Manage Locked User Accounts

Previously, account and practice administrators were are unable to unlock their employee user accounts in the event the user's account locked due to multiple failed attempts. A call into Kareo Support was required to have the user account unlocked. This proved to be a cumbersome and less than optimal customer experience.

With this new update, administrators will be able to take advantage of the capability to manage locked staff user accounts in the Kareo web application. By allowing administrators this control, practices can self manage these locked account scenarios quickly without needing to contact Kareo Support. This enhancement ultimately saves practices valuable time so they can continue running their business without disruption and down-time.

Navigate to User Settings

  1. Hover over the User icon in the top right of your screen and click Practice Settings to open the Practice Settings page.
  2. Click User Settings in the left menu. The User Settings  window opens.
PF navigate to user settings.png

Manage Locked Users

Click View Locked Users. Staff user accounts that are locked will appear, and may be unlocked.

02-21 Platform Release Notes 2.png

Bug Fixes

We addressed over 50 bugs this month including:

  • Fixed an issue where appointment reason color would not save.
  • Fixed a bug that would show an error message when admins/non-providers logged into patient portal.


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