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Kareo Platform Release Notes July 20, 2017

We improve the Kareo Web Platform every month by releasing new features, making enhancements, and squashing bugs. Here's an account of what's recently happened with Kareo's Web Platform.

Appointment Encounter Forms - New Way to Order Printouts

Now you can print and order encounter forms by last name or by appointment time. This makes it easier for providers and front-office staff to find a patient's encounter form within a stack of print-outs. Encounter forms can be printed from the Agenda or Calendar page.

Improved Patient Transactions Table

We've added filters to the transaction history table to make it easier to navigate and quickly locate past transactions. The table can now be filtered by Type of Transaction, Provider, and Service Date range. Additionally, the table headers, including Post Date, Service Date, Description, etc. will remain frozen at the top as you scroll down the list. 

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue where patient payments taken via the web platform reflected incorrect service date in the patient account


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