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Kareo Mobile App Release Notes July 2016

In July 2016, Kareo released its version 2.0 update of the Kareo mobile application. In this release, the team focused on addressing feedback in a two key areas: The agenda/calendar UI and functionality and feature-parity between Web, iPad, and iPhone. There are also a number of other improvements throughout. Of important note, the app's dashboard has been removed, and "Recent Patients" and "Tasks" have been relocated to more useful locations. For more information on the specific features and enhancements in this version, review the details below. We hope you like it! 

Clinical Notes Functionality

The ability to create/edit/sign clinical notes on iPhone has been a long-standing request from our users and in this release we wanted to make sure we included this functionality. Now, you can create a new note from an appointment on your agenda/calendar or from a patient record, with full functional parity with our iPad application. Custom note types and filters setup on the web are now also available to use in the Kareo mobile app.

Mobile App RN 7-16 Clinical Notes.png

Agenda/Calendar Makeover

The calendar experience in our mobile app has been an area that we knew needed improvement, so we made an effort to review all the feedback we had received and take the time to do it right. 

New Calendar UI and Navigation

  • Patient Photos are now included in-line in the agenda
  • Side scrolling week navigation picker
  • Smooth swipe gesture to move to the next day
  • Infinite scrolling agenda to easily scroll to the right day or appointment, with a quick "today" shortcut to jump you back to the present.

Mobile App RN 7-16 Agenda 1.PNG

  • Tap on the blue month label to bring up a 12-month date picker to easily skip forwards or backwards a few weeks or months.
  • Clear labels in the bottom toolbar to indicate which resource and location(s) you are viewing, with the ability to tap to change.
  • Cached appointments so that navigation between days or weeks is quick and snappy.
  • Automatic resume to the day/week you were last looking at.
  • Swipe to go to chart, create a note, or capture a charge.

Mobile App RN 7-16 Agenda 2.PNG

  • Appointments are now color-coded by Visit Reason Color setup in our web application.

Mobile App RN 7-16 Agenda 3.PNG

  • 24/7 visibility in the graphical calendar to ensure you can see all of your appointments.

Mobile App RN 7-16 Agenda 4.PNG


New Calendar Functionality

  • You can now add, edit, or view recurring appointments.

Mobile App RN 7-16 Cal Functions 1.png

  • When creating or editing appointments, we will now surface any conflicts with a graphical snapshot of your calendar during the appointment time to help determine availability.

Mobile App RN 7-16 Cal Functions 2.png

  • The mobile app will now support staff and equipment calendars in addition to provider calendars, so your entire staff can stay on top of their schedules.

Mobile App RN 7-16 Cal Functions 3.png

  • We've also added support for office hours, breaks, holidays, and vacations to ensure you have a clear view of your practice availability and staffing.

Mobile App RN 7-16 Cal Functions 4.PNG

New Labs/Studies Experience

Following the freshly revamped labs and studies workflow in our web application, the mobile app now has a new labs/studies experience that includes the ability to order HLO's, review or attach results, flag items for review, and sign off individual tests or entire orders.

Mobile App RN 7-16 Labs.PNG

Patient List Enhancements

  • We've made searching for patients easier by removing the first name/last name selector; allowing you to search by either and the app will hunt down the most relevant patient results.

Mobile App RN 7-16 Pt Enhancement.PNG

  • Recent patients is now integrated with our web application to allow you to seamlessly transition from viewing a patient on your desktop to your mobile device.
  • Patient photos are also now displayed prominently in the patient list

Mobile App RN 7-16 Pt Enhancement 2.PNG

Clinical Tasks

We've also added a new Clinical Tasks section to the application, which is available in the slide-out main navigation. Currently, we've implemented the ability to handle Scripts-type tasks, but will soon be adding Open Notes, Labs/Studies, and other task types as well. Mobile App RN 7-16 Clinical Tasks.png



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