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Kareo Mobile App Release Notes August 14, 2016

On Sunday, August 14, we released our Kareo Mobile App Version 2.0.2 for iPad & iPhone to the Apple App Store. 

In this release, we focused on improving the overall experience with the patient chart, documents, and customization. 

You can download this update on your Apple iOS device in the App Store. If you don’t currently use the app, we encourage you to download it here: Kareo – EHR, PM, Medical Billing

Key Features

  • Patient Chart Enhancements:Updated patient history, problems, medications, immunizations, allergies, and documents UI. 
  • Messaging Enhancements: bulk actions, updated UI, and improved performance. 
  • Charge Capture Enhancements: Added referring and supervising physician fields and ability to search for charges by patient. 
  • Global Document Search: You can now search for documents by document title, type, or label in the global documents section. 
  • Default App Function Setting:You can now change the default app section, so if you don't use the agenda/calendar, you can pick a different default. 
  • Calendar Feedback Tweaks: Appt. status labels on the agenda are color-coded again, visit reason colors are shown in appt. details modal, cancelled and no-show appointments appear as red in day/week view, and there are new settings that enable you pick whether you'd like to color-code your calendar by visit reason or appt. status and whether you'd like to show or hide cancelled appointments. 
  • Clinical Tasks will now display a badge and number to help notify you of pending items. 

Key Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug that would prevent note addendum's from saving. 
  • Fixed bugs and crashes in medications & drug favorites 
  • Fixed bug that would cause superbill failure 
  • Fixed issue that would cause office hours, breaks, or vacations to display a few hours out of sync.
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