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Mobile App Release Notes November 1, 2016

What's in this release?
This release includes some great new mobile features to provide greater continuity across our platform, as well as some critical bug fixes and stability enhancements. For more information on the enhancements in this version, please review the details below. Thanks!
New Features

  • Patient Alerts – Patient alerts can now be created, modified, and viewed on iPhone or iPad. 
  • Clinical Tasks: Open Notes – Clinical users can now view, complete, and sign all of their open notes on iPhone or iPad. 
  • Patient Credit Cards – Under the new patient chart "Account" tab, patient payment users can view a patient's credit cards on file on iPhone or iPad.
Patient Alerts

Patient alerts that have been created on the web-app or PM application will now be visible in the Kareo mobile app on iPhone and iPad. Alerts can also be created, edited, or removed in-app.

Mobile App RN 11-1-16 1.png

Mobile App RN 11-1-16 2.png

Mobile App RN 11-1-16 3.png

Clinical Tasks: Open Notes

Kareo Clinical users can now view, complete, and sign their Open Notes clinical tasks on iPhone or iPad.

Mobile App RN 11-1-16 4.png

Mobile App RN 11-1-16 5.png

Patient Credit Cards

Kareo Payments users can now view patient credit cards on iPhone or iPad. Users can view the last four digits of the card number, the card type, and expiration date of a card stored on file. In addition, the “Billing Profiles” tab has been renamed “Account” to match the web application.

Mobile App RN 11-1-16 6.png

Mobile App RN 11-1-16 7.png


  • Calendar - when a new appointment is added, the calendar opens to the date of the appointment to confirm that the appointment was created. 
  • Notification Badges - The red badge on the k-man icon and the clinical tasks counter will clear once the section containing the notification has been viewed.

Notable Bug Fixes

  • Fixed crash upon login caused by a TouchID bug 
  • Fixed crash when editing patient social history on iPhone 
  • Fixed minor issues when handling group appointments 
  • Fixed crash that occurred if terms of service was declined
  • Fixed issue that could cause vacations, breaks, or time-off to appear incorrectly on the calendar
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