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Mobile App Release Notes February 6, 2017

What's in this release?
It's been awhile since we've had a mobile release, but we hope our customers will be really excited with these new features.


  1. A brand new, streamlined e-prescribing workflow
    1. One-touch usage of drug favorites 
    2. Simplified UI with less taps required to prescribe
    3. Preferred pharmacy support for patients 
    4. New and improved pharmacy search with visual map-based navigation on iPad 
    5. Rx Saver (GoodRx) integration to text and email coupons
  2. Improvements to Clinical Tasks 
    1. Clinical tasks are now paginated to improve performance and reliability when burning down tasks
  3. Updates to Clinical Databases
  4. Lots o' bug fixes

New E-Prescribing Workflow 

In this version of the mobile app, we've made a concerted effort to revamp the most used portions of our app: the workflows for prescribing medication and for adding historical patient medications on iPhone or iPad. Our main goals were to reduce the number of taps required to perform these actions, and to improve the UX consistency between web and mobile in this workflow.

Previously the workflow was on one big form, requiring many taps to access drug favorites and drug search. Now, to e-prescribe:

  1. Choose drug
  2. Complete Prescribe form

One-Touch Usage of Drug Favorites

Drug favorites has been revamped to be available right at the beginning of the workflow. Selecting a drug favorite will fill out every available saved field in a user's favorite. 


Preferred Pharmacy Support 

The mobile app will now incorporate a patient's preferred pharmacies when prescribing. The drug form will now pre-populate the first ranked pharmacy. Tap the pharmacy name to open a quick menu that allows for easy switching between multiple preferred pharmacies. 


Improved Pharmacy Search

Pharmacy search on iPad has been enhanced to include map-point-based navigation and as an aid in visualizing location of pharmacies. 

Rx Saver Integration

Providers will now be able to send drug coupons via text or email directly in the app in-flow while prescribing, or from a patient's medication section. Drug pricing is now also available in pharmacy search and in the prescription workflow. Lastly, we have implemented a "Price Check" feature, that allows a provider to check for cheaper options in the same zip code with one tap. 

Lots o' bugs

  • Fixed Dx code sorting when importing from superbill.
  • Fixed a bug that would prevent user from properly editing a recurrence on an appointment.
  • Fixed dx code sorting when importing from assessment section from note to superbly.
  • Fixed crashes in demographics.
  • Fixed a UI display issue when importing vitals in a note.
  • Fixed patient search highlight (bold text) in charge capture.
  • Fixed patient photo orientation problem when uploaded on iPhone.
  • Fixed patient alert problem when changing from portrait to landscape in some cases.
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