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Mobile App Release Notes March 6, 2017

What's in this release?
This release includes helpful documents enhancements, fee schedule integration, as well as several bug fixes. For more information on the 2.1.6 version, please review the details below. Thanks!

Document Annotation Enhancements

Previously, to annotate a document, you had to upload it on a mobile device, and you only had one shot to do it during the upload process. With this update, any image in your documents can be annotated. Now you can upload images from the web, PM, or mobile and annotate them all on an iPad or iPhone.

Document Sorting Changes

Documents were previously sorted by "Name A-Z" by default. Our customers expressed that they would like to view documents by most recently updated/uploaded. In this update, the default document sort will be Most Recent, although the sorting can be changed to Name A-Z if desired.

Fee Schedule Integration in Mobile Charge Capture

When using charge capture, the app will now fetch your matching fee schedule values set in the PM given the procedure being performed for a specific payer. This will allow for more precise code capture with less mistakes.

Notable Bug Fixes

  • Fixed crashing issue in charge capture when editing a procedure.
  • Fixed issue that would cause notes created on iPad after 3PM PST to save with the wrong date.
  • Fixed issue where some ICD-10 codes were missing from the mobile app.
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