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Mobile App Release Notes March 16, 2017

What's in this release?

This is a fast-following release to 2.1.6 that addresses several bugs, and includes document scaling to improve upload and viewing performance. 

Document Sizing & Performance

Why is this important?

iPhone and iPad cameras are really high quality now with 6-8 megapixel cameras. And documents that our customers upload via their photo album or mobile camera are really large (3-5 MB per image). These documents take up unnecessary space, quickly reaching the upload limit as well as causing performance issues while uploading or viewing.

So, to fix this issue, we've added jpeg compression and the ability to scale the size of an image during upload. Kareo mobile will reduce the file size in a simple step.  

Reduce Document Size

After selecting your document for upload, choose a document size:

  • Small (25%)
  • Medium (50%)
  • Large (75%)
  • Actual Size (100%)

Notable Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue where lab attachments would show as a blank document. 
  • Fixed issue where custom labs were not showing up when creating an order in the mobile app.
  • Fixed crash that prevented emergency contacts from being edited in patient demographics.
  • Fixed issue with custom clinical templates that would crash the app. 
  • Fixed an issue with "Use Last" functionality in the note and clinical tasks that would sometimes paste from the wrong note. Note: Use Last functionality looks for notes for a given patient that are of the same note type and have a date of service before the current note, and have a matching section that has content.
  • Added ability to filter by billable codes within ICD-10 categories.
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