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Mobile App Release Notes June 24, 2017

What's new in Kareo 2.2.0?

In this release, we moved from a legacy mobile app programming language to a newer, faster,  and easier to manage language (Swift).  In the process of rebuilding, we also included multiple enhancements that our customers requested. With this release, our customers will notice the Kareo app is more "snappy" and will see the spinner drastically less.  The look and feel is ultimately the same, so no time spent relearning. Below is an outline of enhancements included with this release.

NOTE: This update will require you to re-enter your login credentials

New Patient Chart Interface

The patient chart is now a split view, meaning it has two independent scrolling views side-by-side for easier viewing and navigating. Patient balances are now visible in appointment details and patient chart. Similar to the web app, the amount is in red, or green, or zero.

We heard some of our customers missed the good ol' days when the provider could grab the clipboard from the door and say, "hey Joe, haven't seen you since last November, how's your foot?"  So we added the patient's last visit appointment information (type and date) to the appointment details and patient chart.  

Improved Navigation to Tasks

Tasks are in individual buckets so each task is easier to access.

Updated Patient History Picker

The history picker is now more functional with a simple search and select UI rather than the previous tile layout. 

Updated Banners

Patient alert banners can now be tapped to expand or contract and alert banners have been updated to match the web-app.

Clarified Dates

All dates in the application now have clear labels to indicate the type of date.

New Landscape Orientation on iPhone

We've added support for landscape orientation on the iPhone.

Notable Bugs / Improvements

  • Mail order pharmacies can now be searched by name
  • Pharmacy name now appears in a patient’s med list for e-prescriptions
  • Patient’s primary insurance is now visible in appt. details 
  • 3D touch is now available on the graphical calendar view
  • Fixed crash when saving a high level lab order
  • Fixed missing patient address and SSN in demographics
  • Fixed pharmacy search when it would search by practice name instead of location
  • Fixed pharmacy search zip code search issues
  • Fixed pharmacy search by patient address issues
  • Fixed intermittent e-prescribing (417) error 
  • Fixed date picker in custom note templates
  • Fixed missing sp02, rest, and head circ in vitals section for signed notes
  • Fixed intermittent crash in calendar when swiping an appointment
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