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Mobile App Release Notes July 21, 2017

What's new?

This release brings multiple enhancements to the Appointment Details screen, an enhancement to the calendar view, and the addition of the Care Checklist on mobile.

Quick Access to Patient's Contact Information

Mobile users can now more easily skim appointment details, and then take the appropriate action more quickly. Appointment details has been organized into explicit groups of information including: patient information, appointment status, appointment information, and billing information. We have added the ability to quickly access a patient's contact information; one tap away from the appointment details.

Easily Change Appointment Status

Mobile users can now move appointments along the normal patient workflow with a simple tap. Similar to how it works on the web, the patient status can be moved through these states: Scheduled, Arrived, Waiting, Roomed, Checked Out, Follow-up Confirmed.

  • We provide a guided Next status rather than a large list. Customers can now select MORE OPTIONS to access the other status’ available
  • We created an Appointment Details that offers a 12 month selector so customers can pick a particular date and time for greater flexibility and viewing

Manage Patient Rooms

Users can now select from their list of patient rooms, or view the patient room on the Appointment Details screen. This information is key to front-desk and scheduling workflows, as well as for reference by physicians and clinical staff. Similar to the web app, tap MORE OPTIONS to select a different status or change the room.

  • We added support for Room resources on the back-end
  • Display what room a patient is in if that data element is available in agenda & day view
  • Display what room a patient is in if that is available in appointment details

Multi-Resource Calendars

The ability to view multiple calendar resources at once has been a commonly requested feature for the last two years due to the app's expansion from provider-only to all staff roles. Previously, only one resource could be viewed at a time. This feature enables office managers, schedulers and front office staff to more efficiently view and manage the entire practice's schedule at once, rather than having to select different single resources to view at a time. 

  • Multi-select to view multiple calendars at once (Providers, Staff, Equipment) in agenda and day views
  • Calendar configuration selections are saved locally
  • Available on iPhone and iPad

Mobile Care Checklist

The care checklist is used to document specific measures that a patient requires based on their age, sex, problems, etc and is critical to attesting for certification or certain measures. These are essentially tasks that are auto-generated for each patient. Users should be viewing, acting, and then marking off these miscellaneous tasks within the patient record or the note. Now, they can do this process while charting on the mobile app. 

  • Clinicians can now create care checklist entries from a note or patient record
  • Completed screening measures auto-document in the EXAM note section
  • Completed follow-ups or counseling provided will auto-document in the PLAN note section
  • Completed measures can be viewed in the patient record under "Care Checklist"

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue where documents captured with device would be blurry
  • Fixed crash when capturing/uploading photo documents in some cases
  • Fixed failed upload of lab attachments
  • Fixed issue where some eRx dispense forms were not available in the mobile app
  • Fixed issue that would prevent keyboard from presenting when accessing patient search 
  • Fixed issue that would cause “+” new note button from appearing on iPhone in landscape
  • Fixed intermittent crash in messaging 
  • Fixed navigation issues when using app on iPhone in landscape
  • Fixed issue where note addendum would not immediately show after creation
  • Fixed multiple crashes on Apple Watch app
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