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Mobile App Release Notes November 30, 2017

What's new in Kareo 2.3.2?

Apple Watch Enhancements

The Kareo PIN code is no longer required on the Apple Watch. It will use your app authentication in addition to your normal Apple Watch PIN to allow access. Moreover, we have updated the main menu to show a countdown of remaining visits today, added the ability to change appointment statuses, and added new messaging functionality to archive, flag, and mark as unread.


Demographic Enhancements

As part of our 2015 Edition Certification requirements, a few changes have been made to the specificity of the Demographics information in the mobile application. 

  1. Changed patient Date of Birth scroll picker to an easy type-in field. Note: the DOB field has also been updated on the New Patient screen.
  2. New Sexual Orientation field
  3. New Gender Identity field
  4. Additional Language options
  5. New Ethnicity fields
  6. New Race fields

Use Last on Plan

New ability to use last plan content from a prior note of the same type for a specific patient.

Note: This function will not add problems to the assessment and create new sub-plans, but it will copy forward matching section content.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue where lab results entered manually may not show in the mobile app.
  • iPhone X issues and bugs.
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