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Mobile App Release Notes April 2018

What's new in Kareo 2.3.7?

Create eLab

We’ve added the ability to create eLabs directly within the mobile app. For the best experience, use this feature on an iPad in portrait mode.

  1. Log into Kareo's mobile application.
  2. Access a Patient Chart.
  3. Tap Labs/Studies.
  1. Tap the + icon.
  1. Tap the eLab toggle to enable.
  2. Populate the appropriate fields.
  3. Tap Save when completed.

The Create Order for (patient) window will open within the mobile app.

  1. Populate the appropriate fields.
  2. Tap Place Order.
  3. Follow the prompts to complete the eLab order.
  1. The eLab will populate on the patient's Labs/Studies.


Notable Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed performance issue on start-up
  • Fixed various issues with code lookups
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