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Mobile App Release Notes June 22, 2018

What's new in Kareo 2.4.1?

Patient Payments

Kareo Patient Payments is now available! The single most effective method of collecting patient responsibility is to collect at the time of service. With the integration of ID Tech card readers, taking payments is easier than ever.

See Collect Copay or Payment for detailed instructions.

  1. Log into Kareo's mobile application.
  2. Access a Patient Chart.
  3. Tap on the patient information.
  4. Tap on Collect Payment.
  5. Review patient information, view outstanding charges and unapplied payments, and enter a new payment.
  6. Tap on Prepare Swiper to charge $0.00 to charge a new card.
  7. Swipe the card. The Receipt screen will open when successfully charged.

Send Patient Broadcast

Kareo Engage subscribers can send a Patient Broadcast to quickly and easily communicate important information to patients.

  1. Log into Kareo's mobile application.
  2. Tap on the K-Man icon at the top left.
  3. Tap on Messages. The Messages screen opens.
  4. Tap on the New Message icon. The New Message screen opens.
  1. Tap on Patients next to This message will be sent to.
  2. Tap on Email or Text next to Send message by.

Send Message by Email

  1. Recipient(s):
    1. Start type a patient's name to add specific patients.
    2. Or tap on Patient Groups to select a predefined group.
  2. From:
    1. Tap to a specific provider.
    2. Or tap on Location to select a service location to send the message from.
  3. Template: Tap to select a template or create a custom template.
  4. Subject: Enter a subject.
    • Note: The Subject will auto-populate if a template was used.
  5. Body: Enter the message.
    • Note: The Body will auto-populate if a template was used.
  1. Tap on Next. The Message Scheduling screen opens.
  2. By default, the message is scheduled to send immediately. If desired, tap on Schedule to send to specify a date and time.
  3. Tap on Back to revise or tap on Send.

Send Message by Text

  1. Recipient(s): Start type a patient's name to add specific patients.
  2. From: Tap to a specific provider.
  3. Body: Enter the message.
  4. Tap on Send.

Notable Bug Fixes:

  • Issue creating custom medications
  • Added rating option in setup
  • Enhancements to medication screens
  • Fixed issue where payment cards were not showing up in patient account
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