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Kareo Marketing Release Notes October 20, 2016

What's being released?
The new message center allow offices to communicate with their patients via email and text, create custom email templates, and send mass communication to preset and custom patient groups. Patients will now be able to respond to any automated communication they receive from their healthcare provider's office via text and email. 


  • Offices will now be able to create custom email templates and save them for future use.
  • Offices will be able to select from preset patient groups to send out bulk email messages to and create their own custom patient groups that can be saved and used at any time.
  • Ability for patients to respond to any form of communication they receive from the office (whether it be automated or manual communication and whether it is sent via text or email).
  • Communication for patients will NOT require them to sign up for the Patient Portal.
  • All messages composed by offices is done through the message center.
  • Bulk email messages can be sent immediately or scheduled to be sent at a later date.

Creating custom templates is easy and once created, they can be saved and edited at any time:

MKTG RN 10-20-16 1.png

Preset and custom patient groups make it easy to message many patients at once:

MKTG RN 10-20-16 2.png

Responding to messages has now been made easy for patients:

MKTG RN 10-20-16 3.png

By email (simply click the "Reply to This Message" button and the entire message thread will appear in your web browser).

MKTG RN 10-20-16 4.png

The office can respond to text message communication directly from the new message center.

MKTG RN 10-20-16 5.png

Compose messages and:

  • Send to individual patients, or patient groups
  • Send on behalf of a provider or location
  • Send now, or schedule to send later

MKTG RN 10-20-16 6.png


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