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Kareo Marketing Release Notes March 23, 2017

What's being released?
This month, Kareo released new search functionality and birthday emails for customers with the Marketing module.

Message Center Search

Message Center search was based on overwhelming feedback received through customer feedback. By allowing customers to search by patient they can reference past messages that may have to do with patient care, missed appointments, etc.

Easily manage past and present patient communication with the search tool. If you have feedback on Kareo's Messaging System, let us know!

Search Messages by Keyword

Search for a word within the body of a message. The word needs to be a minimum of three characters.

Search Messages by Patient Name

Search by a patient’s name (e.g. first, last, and first + last).

Note: this feature does not support search for messages between staff members.

Automated Birthday Emails

A Preview...

Birthday emails are an easy way for providers to engage with patients yearly. The automated birthday feature is a good opportunity to remind patients their provider or the provider's practice is thinking about them. Birthday emails have been shown to drive more visits to a provider practice and increase patient satisfaction.

See below for the steps to turn on this new patient communication feature. 

Access Patient Communications

To access Patient Communications, hover over the Platform icon in the upper left of the window and select Patient Communications. The Patient Communications window opens.

PF navigate to patient communications.png

Turn on Birthday Emails

  1. Click the View As: drop-down arrow to set Patient Communications for a specific provider.
  2. Click the Birthday Messages card under the After the visit section. The Birthday Messages settings open.
  3. Click email to preview the Birthday Message that is sent.
  4. By default, Birthday Messages are turned off. Click Turn on to activate these messages, if desired. Click Turn off to deactivate.


Recommendation: If multiple providers in a single office have Kareo Marketing enabled and birthdays messages enabled, a patient will receive a "happy birthday" email from all providers. This may not be ideal. In an upcoming release, we will incorporate a solution for this. In the meantime, customers that have multiple providers with Kareo Marketing may want to wait for this release before enabling birthday messages.




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