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Kareo Marketing Release Notes August 24, 2017

What's being released?
This month, Kareo released new direct text messaging to patients, enhanced Online Presence monitoring, Google listing enhancements, and a bug fix for duplicate reminder messages.

Direct SMS Messaging

To improve communication between the practice and patient, text messages can now be sent directly from the New Message screen of Kareo's Message Center to any patient with a mobile phone number. This lets Providers, Clinical Assistants, and Office Staff communicate easier with patients regarding upcoming appointments, office announcements, etc.

  • Once you choose to send your new message by Text, you'll be able to search among names of patients who have a mobile phone number.
  • You may send a text message to multiple patients by adding them to the recipient list. (Patients will not be able to see other text message recipients, for health privacy).
  • You can review, reply and archive text messages in the Message Center.
  • The first text message a patient receives will include introduction context (see example below).

Online Presence - Monitor 7 Additional Healthcare Directories

We now provide you the ability to monitor 7 additional healthcare directories to optimize your online presence and grow your practice. Take a one time action to begin monitoring these directories. 

How to Take Advantage

From the Marketing drop-down, navigate to the Online Presence page.  After the page loads, click on the green Update Available button. Monitoring can be applied to all eligible providers, or applied individually.

A provider will need the Marketing module, and an NPI  entered in the User Settings of Kareo to be eligible.

Kareo Appointment Booking URL added to Google

Google's provider listings have started to pick up and list appointment URLs. This means that appointment booking will now be available through Google and will make it easier for patients to book an appointment with a provider's practice. 

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed duplicate reminder messages
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