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Kareo Marketing Release Notes October 26, 2017

Pre-visit Reminders can be Suppressed for Telemedicine Users

This new feature enhancement benefits Marketing users who would like more flexibility with their appointment reminders, as well as Clinical users who leverage telemedicine such as the newly integrated Kareo Telemedicine.

New options are available for blocking all appointment reminders, or simply removing the address from all reminders from a given service location.

For Telemedicine Users

  • If you sign up for Kareo Telemedicine (Chiron), our staff will set up a new service location titled Telemedicine and will deselect the checkboxes for "allow reminders" and "include address". This will suppress any reminders fromKareo, and patients will receive telemedicine specific email reminders instead.
  • If you use another telemedicine provider, simply set up a service location to assign to new appointments you create for telemedicine visits. Then deselect the checkbox for "include address". 




Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where duplicate emails were being received via direct message sent to all patients. 
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