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Kareo Marketing Release Notes June 6, 2018

Kareo Engage

We are officially rebranding Kareo Marketing to Kareo Engage in order to put more emphasis on the patient engagement attributes of this solution.

Kareo Engage will have all the same pricing, features, functions and business benefits as Kareo Marketing but will now also include an online Patient Intake feature.

Kareo Engage helps you deliver a superior end-to-end patient experience, from getting found online, having patients leave you stellar reviews, to re-care reminders. The result is better care delivery, increased patient collections and happier, healthier patients.

Patient Intake

You can now send electronic intake forms to your patients and receive them prior to their appointment. Patients can fill out these forms anytime, anywhere--saving time at check-in. It also means reduced errors through automated form entry and increased front office efficiency. Less paper-work, fewer errors, happier patients.

Patients will receive an email with a link to fill out their intake forms on a computer or on their smartphones and tablets. Information in these forms map back to the Kareo Platform, which will allow for the practice to review and merge the information into a patient's record.   

For more information, visit Patient Intake.


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