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Kareo Engage Release Notes August 23, 2018

In August 2018, your Kareo Engage account will be upgraded to the latest version.

List of Patient Intake Pending Submission

The practice can now see a list of all pending patient intake that have not been submitted. Once the email link has expired, the patient will be removed from the list.

A patient intake link will expire when an appointment is moved to the Finished tab or 24 hours after the appointment.

  1. Hover over the Engage Icon and click Patient Intake. The Patient Intake window opens.
  2. Click the Not Submitted by Patient tab. A list of the patient intake pending submission by the patient is displayed.
  3. Sort or search pending submission patient intake:
    • Sort by: Appointment Date or Date Last Sent
    • Provider: All or a specific provider
    • Search: Search by patient name
  4. Click the First Sent date to open the patient's intake history. The history will display:
    • The current email on file.
    • The date and email the patient intake was sent to.
  5. Click Resend to resend another email to the patient with the link to the forms. Or to print the patient intake form, click the drop-down arrow and click Print.


New alert when updating a patient email on file

The following message alert will display when a user updates the patient's email address after a patient intake email link has been sent. EmailAlert.png

View submitted image on Patient Intake

Users now have the ability to open and zoom in/out of a submitted image on the patient intake merge view.

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