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Kareo Engage Release Notes November 21, 2019

In November 2019, your Kareo Engage account will be upgraded to the latest version.

Digital Medical Intake

Kareo's latest Digital Medical Intake ensures critical patient information is captured prior to the patient visit, so the office staff and providers can focus on patient care from the moment a patient walks through the door.

Patients can now review their medical histories and sign their intake forms anytime, anywhere and on their own time before the appointment. Practices can eliminate printing and storage, mitigate paper mistakes/mishandling, and reduce staff's time administering paperwork.

Send Medical Intake

  1. Create a New Patient Appointment and click “Email Patient Intake”.
  2. Click the additional forms drop-down and select Medical Intake.
  3. Click Save Appointment. An email will be sent to the patient with an invite to fill out the patient intake form.

Patient Experience

  1. The patient opens their email and clicks Get Started to launch the Patient Intake Form.
  2. The patient enters their date of birth for verification and clicks Submit. The Patient Form page opens.
  3. In addition to existing intake sections, the patient can now complete their Medication & Allergy and Medical History in the patient intake form. The Medical History section includes:
    • Medical History
    • Family History
    • Social History
    • Past Surgical History
    • Hospitalization/Procedure
    • Implantable Devices 

Once submitted, the patient intake is now ready for review and merge by the front office.


Review Medical History

A clinical assistance or provider can review the medical history through a new note or the patient's document section. 

Review Medical History in a Note:

  1. Create a new H&P note for the patient.
  2. Under the Documents section, click on the side panel icon next to Medical, Allergy, & History document. The Medical History panel opens on the left side of the note.
  3. Click on a section in the note to document the patient's history.
  1. Review the submitted information in the medical history panel and document the patient's history in the corresponding sections.
  2. Click Save when finished and complete additional history sections as needed.
  3. Click X to close the Medical History panel and continue with the patient care.

Kareo Kiosk

The Kareo Kiosk app is an easy to use and intuitive experience for capturing patient demographics, contact information, financial details, signed consent forms, and medical histories in the office.

All the practice needs to do is download Kareo Kiosk onto their office’s iOS mobile device (i.e., tablet) and scan the provided QR code within the patient’s appointment to get started. It’s as easy as that and takes less than 30 seconds to get a patient set up to fill out their paperwork!

Android version of the Kareo Kiosk app is coming soon!

Get Started

Download the Kareo Kiosk app from the App Store using a supported iOS device running iOS 11 or later.

  1. Enable Guided Access on the device to prevent patients from navigating away from the app.
  2. Open the Kareo Kiosk app and login with your Kareo email credentials.
  3. Triple-click the home or side button to start Guided Access. The Scan Patient Intake QR Code screen opens.

Prepare Patient Intake

  1. From the Dashboard, click on the patient's appointment to view the appointment card.
  2. Click on the Patient Intake more options icon, then select Start Intake on Kiosk. The QR code pop-up window opens.
    Note: For this option to display, the patient intake must be sent to the patient first.
  1. Hold the device so the QR code appears in the camera viewfinder. Once scanned, the Patient Intake screen opens and is ready for the patient. 

Patient Experience

Hand the patient the device to begin the Patient Intake.

  1. The patient enters their date of birth for verification and taps Submit. The Patient Intake screen opens.
  2. The patient taps Get Started to complete the forms.
  3. Once submitted, the patient hands the device back to the front office.

The submitted patient intake is now ready for review in the web app.


Resolved Issues

  • Fixed an issue where submitted patient intakes were not showing in Pending Review
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