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Kareo Engage Release Notes February 20, 2020

In February 2020, your Kareo Engage account will be upgraded to the latest version.

Patient Intake: Send Form without Appointment

The Front Office now has the ability to send intake forms to patients without an appointment. This allows the practice the flexibility to request updated patient information or form signatures at any time.

Send Form

  1. Hover over the Engage icon and click on Patient Intake. The Patient Intake page opens.
  2. Click Send Forms. The Send Forms to Patient pop-up window opens.
  1. Select a Provider, Patient, and Patient Intake form to send.
  2. Click Send. An email is sent to the patient with an invite to fill out the form.


Patient Intake: OB/GYN History

Kareo's latest Digital Medical Intake ensures critical patient information is captured prior to the patient visit, so the office staff and providers can focus on patient care from the moment a patient walks through the door.

In addition to existing the Medical History intake sections, patients can now complete their OB/GYN history.

Send Intake

  1. Create a New Patient Appointment.
  2. Click the Select additional forms drop-down arrow to select which patient intake forms to send.
  3. Click Save Appointment. An email is sent to the patient with an invite to fill out the patient intake form.

Patient Experience

  1. The patient opens their email and clicks Get Started to launch the Patient Intake Form.
  2. The patient enters their date of birth for verification and clicks Submit. The Patient Form page opens.
  3. The patient can now complete their OB/GYN History.

Once submitted, the patient intake is now ready for review and merge by the front office. During the patient's appointment, a clinical assistant or provider can review the patient's medical history in a note.  


Resolved Issues

  • Fixed an issue where patients received duplicate patient intake emails without a service location
  • Fixed an issue where patients were unable to submit surveys with the provider's minimum star rating selected
  • Fixed an issue where the patient intake appointment time differs from the actual appointment time
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