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Kareo Engage Release Notes April 23, 2020

In April 2020, your Kareo Engage account will be upgraded to the latest version.

Mental Health Screening Tools

Kareo's Patient Intake Screening Tools provides Mental Health practices the ability to send two common screening tools (GAD-7 and PHQ-9) electronically for the patient to complete digitally.

The screening tool can accommodate multiple workflows:

  • If the patient needs to complete the screening tool(s) before the visit, send them when scheduling the appointment. The patient can complete them before the visit.
  • If the patient needs to complete the screening tool(s) during the visit, send them using the Send Forms feature. The patient can complete them in the office using Kareo Kiosk or their mobile device.

Send Forms

  1. Create a New Patient Appointment or send the screening tool(s) without an appointment.
  2. Click the Patient Intake drop-down and select the desired Screening Tools.
  3. Click Save Appointment or Send. An email is sent to the patient with an invite to complete the screening tool(s).

Patient Experience

  1. The patient opens their email and clicks Get Started to launch the Patient Intake Form.
  2. The patient enters their date of birth for verification and clicks Submit. The Patient Form page opens.
  3. In addition to existing intake sections, the patient can now complete the GAD-7 and/or PHQ-9 digitally.

Once submitted, the patient intake is now ready for review.


Review Screening Tools

Completed screening tools can be reviewed via a note or the patient's document section. 

  1. Create a note or open an existing note for the patient.
  2. Under the Documents section, click on the side panel icon next to GAD-7 or PHQ-9. 
  1. Review the submitted information and total score in the side panel.

Resolved Issues

  • Fixed an issue where patients were unable to submit patient intake forms
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