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PM Release Notes February 19, 2016

February 19, 2016

On Friday, February 19th your Kareo Practice Management account was updated to include a connection with a new clearinghouse, Jopari. This allows you to send Workers Compensation and Auto Insurance Claims electronically, including attachments. By sending claims electronically you will save time and money eliminating the tedious manual work of printing and mailing for processing these types of claims. To learn more about this option, please scroll down.  

Faster Time to Payment with Electronic Submission

Send Worker’s Compensation and Auto Insurance Claims electronically using our new clearinghouse connection with Jopari. Receive confirmation from the clearinghouse upon acceptance and proof of timely filing. Here is how you get started: 

Adding a New Insurance Payer

To add a new insurance payer, go to Settings > Enrollments, then proceed to Add New Electronic Payers.  

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As you proceed through the Enrollments Setup Wizard, select Jopari as your Clearinghouse. 

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For more information on how to add electronic payers, visit our help center article.

Editing an Existing Insurance Company

To edit an existing insurance company, go to Settings > Insurance > Find Insurance and open an existing insurance company. Navigate to the Electronic Claims Tab, then update the Clearinghouse option to Jopari.  

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Attach Required Documentation to Claims

Jopari makes it easy to attach documents to the claim. This eliminates the tedious manual work of printing and mailing these claims. Attach documents such as your Initial Evaluations Reports and PR2 forms along with your claims. Jopari supports sending attachments to a claim in PDF and TIFF formats. To us this feature, Create and save a Draft Encounter with Jopari named as the insurance payer. Go to the Documents tab, then attach your supporting documentation along with your claim.  

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Jopari Paper Claim Options

In the case where the payer does not accept claims electronically, Jopari will print and mail the claim for a small convenience fee. By using this option, you will save time, effort, and the hassle of manually processing these claims. Additional charges will be billed to your account per paper claim of $.90 cents for the first page, which includes postage and $.20 for each additional page.

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New Help Center

Kareo continues to invest in our customers with the “New & Improved” Help Center! Submit support cases, chat with us online, access articles, videos, training and more. Some of the highlights include: universal site search capability, intuitive site navigation and content organization, use of iconography, and reduced number of steps to submit support tickets and reach online chat, all to improve the user experience. To learn more about the getting the most out of the new Help Center check out the tour.

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Other Fixes

Bugs have been resolved for individual accounts and have been reported to those users.

Give Your Feedback

At Kareo, we continue working hard to make medical billing easy for you. Customer feedback drives our service and ensures we build the features that matter most to you, so your input is critical to us. Please submit your suggestions, challenges and ideas for our next release here – Give Feedback.

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