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PM Release Notes May 6, 2016

Kareo Launches A New Solution Center! 

We are pleased to inform you that on Friday, May 6, 2016, your existing Kareo Practice Management account will be upgraded to the latest version.

New Solution Center

If you are designated as an Administrator in Kareo, you will have access to our Solution Center, located in Shortcuts on the top left of your Dashboard. It is your one-stop shop to learn about the other solutions in our platform and how they will benefit your practice. If you are interested in signing up for another module, it is fast and easy to get started. Depending upon the products or services you subscribe to, we may offer access to other modules including Clinical, Billing, Marketing and Managed Billing. You can sign up to activate your Patient Payment feature, which allows you to collect patient balances faster and easier.

Note:  Billing Company customers will not see this. 

Solution Center under Shortcuts

PM RN May 6 2016  1.png

One-Stop-Shop to Kareo Modules

PM RN May 6 2016  2.png


EHR Web Roles Assigned to Users with Multiple Practices

If you are a Kareo EHR user who have access to multiple practices, please note that role permissions are now assigned at the user account level and is no longer unique per practice login in the EHR. For users that have access to multiple practices, the role(s) assigned to that user account is valid for all practices that the user is able to log into. If you have staff with access to multiple practices under your account, please make sure to review and update your staff’s role to insure appropriate access across all practices that staff has access to.


Kareo Web Roles

PM RN May 6 2016  3.png

Kareo Support Hours

Kareo Support can be reached at 888-775-2736 Monday – Friday, 5AM-5PM Pacific Standard time, excluding national holidays.  If you have any questions regarding the new features outside these hours, we encourage you to check our help center and see What's New in Kareo or send an email to:

Give Your Feedback

At Kareo, we continue working hard to make medical billing easy for you. Customer feedback drives our service and ensures we build the features that matter most to you, so your input is critical to us. Please submit your suggestions, challenges and ideas for our next release here – Give Feedback.

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