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Desktop Application (PM) Release Notes October 3, 2016

Kareo Enhances Clearinghouse Network
At Kareo, we pride ourselves as having the most advanced medical billing platform for independent practices. One of the benefits of our technology platform is that we can easily route billing transactions to the clearinghouse that will maximize our customers' financial success. After careful deliberation, we are excited to announce that Kareo will be partnering more closely with TriZetto Provider Solutions for its clearinghouse services. We believe that TriZetto's impressive track record aligns well with Kareo's mission to help independent medical practices prosper.

Over the next several months, many customers will be smoothly transitioned so that all claims submitted through Kareo's Practice Management system are processed and routed to payers by TriZetto.

About TriZetto
TriZetto is a robust clearinghouse network that is trusted by more than 300,000 providers and 33,000 practices. TriZetto also boasts impressive quality statistics, processing over eight million transactions per day at a 98% first-time, clean claim acceptance rate. In the future, Kareo customers will eventually be able to log into TriZetto's clearinghouse portal directly to retrieve detailed information about the status of your claims.

How the Transition Will Work
The transition to TriZetto will begin in October. The transition will be largely seamless. Initially, you may start seeing some of your claims processing transactions going out through Trizetto's clearinghouse when looking at your claims transaction history report and clearinghouse report. If you happen to submit claims to a payer that requires re-enrollment for claims processing or ERAs, you may receive a separate communication that requires the provider to read and sign an updated Transfer of Authorization Form (TAF). This action typically takes about 5 minutes. Once this form is completed, Kareo and TriZetto will complete the remainder of the transition on your behalf, with no additional action anticipated by you. During the transition you may also notice that some transactions that were originally submitted to another third-party clearinghouse will receive some acknowledgements and confirmations from TriZetto.

Give Your Feedback
At Kareo, we continue working hard to make medical billing easy for you. Customer feedback drives our service and ensures we build the features that matter most to you, so your input is critical to us. Please submit your suggestions, challenges, and ideas for our next release here – Give Feedback.

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