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Desktop Application (PM) Release Notes January 25, 2017

Web Application Enhancements

Authorization Tracking on Agenda, New Appointment, and Notes Screens

For practices that provide services under insurance authorization, practices can now see how many visits a patient has accrued under each authorization and how close the authorization is to expiring at-a-glance in the Agenda, New Appointment creation screen, and patient encounter note in the Kareo web application. The number of visits remaining under the patient's authorization is automatically tracked and deducted as encounters are billed for in Kareo Practice Management. This allows office staff to more easily know when to obtain a new authorization for the patient and prevent future claim denials.

Agenda View: 


Notes view (only for customers using Kareo Clinical and who created a note from the Agenda): 

visits within note.png

Desktop Application Enhancements

Electronic Workers' Comp and Auto Accident Enhancements

Key improvements to the Jopari electronic workers' comp and auto accident claims workflow:

  1. Documents can be attached to encounters at the initial point of creation
  • Previously, the documents tab in the encounter view was only available after an encounter has been saved and reopened
  • Going forward, Create New Encounter will also have the documents tab available to attachment documents to the encounter at the time of creation

documents in encounter.png

  1. Existing documents in the practice document storage can be selected to be attached to encounter
  • Previously, the document attachment function only allows customers to select a document from their local computer
  • Going forward, customers have the option to either: 1) select a document from their local computer OR 2) select a document from their Kareo document storage repository

document page  in encounter.png

  1. Additional validations based on Case conditions
  • When a case condition is flagged as Employment or Auto Accident, there is validation to check for the appropriate incident date.
    • Accident Accident condition requires Accident Date
    • Employment condition requires Date of Injury

condition validations.png

  1. Additional validations for Insurance Program Type
  • When approving an encounter, there is validation to check for the appropriate insurance company setting's Insurance Program to match the case Condition
    • Case Condition is Auto Accident, then the Insurance Program needs to be AM-Automobile Medical
    • Case Condition is Employment, then the Insurance Program needs to be WC-Workers Compensation Health Claim

2017 Annual Code Update

Kareo Practice Management has been updated with the latest 2017 code updates: 

  • Medicare fee schedule
  • HCPCS Level I and II
  • Procedure Modifiers
  • Taxonomy
  • Claim Adjustment Reason Codes
  • Remittance Advice Remark Codes


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