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Desktop Application (PM) Release Notes February 23, 2017

On Thursday, February 23, 2017, your Kareo Desktop Application (PM) will be upgraded to the latest version. This release includes new cross practice message count, updates to manually recorded patient collections, patient statement enhancements, and a bug fix on the reported number of denied claims.

Cross Practice Message Count

Now, users logging into a customer account with multiple practices will see the message count per practice at the practice selection screen. The message count is a hyperlink that will navigate the user directly into the practice's message center. By surfacing the messages at the practice selection screen, customers gain greater visibility into their practices and the ability to review messages quickly and without delay. This will save time, help accelerate response times and create a better experience for both the provider and patient.

Patient Collection - Manually Recorded Cash/Check/Credit Card

Patient collection payments received in the office (e.g. cash, check, and credit card transactions processed outside of Kareo), can be manually recorded in the web platform. Previously, these transactions were recorded in the Practice Management (PM) as an online payment. Kareo restricts edits for online payments processed through Stripe. In the event that a mistake had occurred for these manually recorded payments, practices need the ability to edit these payments in the Practice Management.

Without being able to make corrections to the manually recorded payments, practices had to make adjustments to the patient's account balance in other ways which creates more steps and complexity. By allowing practices to edit these manually recorded payments directly, the practice is able to fix the root error immediately.

Manually recorded payments (e.g. cash, check, and credit card transactions processed outside of Kareo) will no longer be recorded in the Practice Management as an online payment transaction. Instead, these payments will be recorded as in-office payments. These payments will appear in the desktop client under Encounters > Find Payment > In-office tab.

02-21 PM Release Notes 1.png

Patient Statements - Enhancements

When Kareo first made significant enhancements to their Patient Statements offering back in October 2016, the goal was to help accelerate patient collections, reduce billing costs and improve overall patient satisfaction. These continued enhancements are ongoing so customers can continue to get a more refined feature offering.

New patient-friendly paper statements have been shown to improve patient collections on average by 6% and reduce patient billing questions by 50%+. This translates to an additional $7,000 per provider per year in collections, with half the patient billing questions. Kareo continues to make incremental improvements to improve patient statement clarity to help our customers increase patient collections. In some cases practices do not accept payments by phone, we now offer options to remove this option from the patient statement.

Paper patient statements sent through Kareo's mailinghouse (RevSpring) has been updated to provide additional clarity for patients.

The statement summary on the first page has been updated to include an additional category for charges that are pending insurance adjudication. This is grouped under the title "Insurance Pending".

In the case where a practice does not have any credit card options enabled for the remit coupon OR phone number for Questions about your bill is empty, then the Pay by phone icon option will not show on the printed patient statement

In the case where the patient statement is mailed to a guarantor, the patient's name will be included in the mailing address. For example:

John Smith

Re: Junior Smith

3353 Michelson Drive, Suite 400

Irvine, CA 92612

02-21 PM Release Notes 2.png

Denial Data Mismatch

We fixed a bug where there was mismatch between the denial data in Kareo PM and the daily KPI report as well as Reports Dashboard.

When a denied claim was re-opened and a new follow-up date is set in the PM for the claim, the claim moved out of the denial queue on the Track Claim Status screen but the status would not change and the claim would still show up in all KPI reports. This bug is now fixed.



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