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Desktop Application (PM) Release Notes July 20, 2017

Kareo continues to enhance the customer experience by releasing new features, making enhancements, squashing bugs, and delivering fresh documentation. Here's an update of the recent product improvements we've made with Kareo Billing, so you can easily stay up to date on what's new!

Claims List to Show Payer Type

As part of the July release, we have added the ability to view whether the claim has been billed to Primary or Secondary insurance on the Find Claims screen. In Kareo Practice Management, the claim status will display a new column categorized as Billed As, indicating the payer has been billed either as primary or secondary.

What’s new?

With this new feature:

  • Users have quick and direct access to the claims list data, reducing the number of clicks, providing upfront information and improving their daily workflow.
  • Users have increased visibility into their claims status: If the claim is complete, the field in the Billed As column will be blank and the Billed To column will remain Unassigned. If the claim is billed to a patient, the Billed As field will be blank.
  • The user can search or filter by the type of claim for easy lookup.

Clearinghouse Report - New Bulk Review

Kareo has provided a new way for billers to review clearinghouse reports in bulk! We have simplified the workflow allowing billers to multi-select reports and mark them as reviewed, saving time and reducing clicks.

What’s new?

With this enhancement:

  • Multi-Select functionality has been enabled: The biller will use their cursor to select multiple rows and either click the Mark as Reviewed button or right click over the highlighted reports and select Mark as Reviewed.
  • Confirmation window before submitting: We want to make sure that the billers have the opportunity to validate their selections before final submission. Once marked as reviewed, a confirmation window will ask “Are you sure you want to mark these reports as reviewed?”  
  • Easy snapshot view of reviewed reports: Billers can uncheck the Show unreviewed only box to see which reports in their account have been flagged as reviewed.

Appointment Encounter Forms - New Way to Order Printouts

With this release, we are introducing the ability to print encounter forms ordered by patient Last Name or Appointment Time. In-case your patients have the same last name, their first name will be considered next while ordering, removing any chance of confusion.

What’s new?

With this feature, users:

  • Have options and flexibility when printing their encounter forms based on their practice’s daily operations.
  • Have easy access to print encounter forms from the daily and weekly calendar views in Kareo.

Patient Statements Workflow Enhancements

The statement billing sequence will populate on step 1 of each statement batch, providing clarity and flexibility to users when defining how a batch of statements can be sent. The patient account and claim ledger will reflect the selected billing options accordingly.

What’s new?

For this enhancement:

  • New dropdown menu within the statement batch: Users will select whether statements are sent via email, paper (print or via our mailing house), or both from the dropdown list.
  • Ability to mark patient statements as sent: Kareo will display how many statements were mailed and/or emailed in each batch. 
  • Statement delivery methods will display: Navigate to the patient account or claim ledger and the statement delivery method(s) will be indicated at the line item level.

Patient Eligibility Enhancements

With this release, we are introducing a new way to check eligibility using the patient’s date of service either from the appointment screen or the patient record.

What's new?

With this feature enhancement:

  • Users can easily check patient eligibility from the appointment on the Practice Management calendar.
  • Users can navigate to the patient record, select a date of service from the calendar dropdown and check eligibility.


Notable Bugs / Improvements

  • Fixed issue where users in Practice Management would experience an error message when saving an appointment. 
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