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Billing Release Notes October 26, 2017

Kareo continues to enhance the customer experience by releasing new features, making enhancements, squashing bugs, and delivering fresh documentation. Here's an update of the recent product improvements we've made with Kareo Billing, so you can easily stay up to date on what's new!

Date Input Format Updated on Encounters and Payment Screens

  • For payment posting when entering the date from the payment screen, the biller no longer has to enter forward slashes in-between the numbers. For example, a date of 7717 entered in the post date field will auto-populate as 7/7/2017.  This format is now consistent with how date information is entered on the new encounters screen, from date field. 
  • This update also applies for any insurance payment type as well! Simply enter the date in number format in the post date or adjudication date fields and the information will auto-populate for you. 

AR Aging Report Unapplied Balance 

  • This was a bug fix that we wanted to call out! Previously if you changed the report filter for locations from all locations to a specific location, the unapplied column would not show the amount. You can now view the unapplied amount on the A/R Aging Summary in the desktop application and on the A/R Aging Report once populated. 

Display Guarantor DOB and SSN Options in the Kareo Desktop Application

  • The Kareo Desktop Application will now allow for billers to capture guarantor information. From the patient record, two new fields for Social Security Number and Date of Birth are available when the guarantor checkbox is checked. Additionally, the Patient Detail Report will show the guarantor data below the general information. Billers can also open the Patient Demographic Export and upon export, view two additional columns displaying the guarantor data.

Statements: Ability to See Total Statements Sent to a Patient

  • Any biller using statements will have complete visibility into the total number of statements ever sent to a patient. This new enhancement also allows for the biller to see whether statements being sent represent that number versus statements sent since the last payment.

Updates to the Enrollments Wizard

  • The enrollments wizard has been updated with new features to enhance the enrollments process. Throughout the enrollments journey will be a series of prompts and data validation points, allowing for Kareo to capture valuable information up front to reduce insurance denials. 
  • See below, additional new feature enhancements to the enrollments wizard in this release:
  • A new save for later option is now available. At any time in the enrollments process, Billers can save their progress and come back to the enrollments wizard and complete where they left off.

  • Instant FAQ along with direct links to the Kareo Help Site at each step of the way in the enrollments wizard. 

  • Auto-population of the Tax ID and NPI numbers. Kareo will check the NPI and Tax ID against the information entered into Kareo by the Biller in Practice Settings and Provider Settings, including overrides. In the case of a new NPI and/or Tax ID, the Biller can change the information for the purpose of enrollment only without changing Practice Settings or Provider Settings.

  • Confirmation verification will display upon completion of the enrollments wizard and an email notification will be sent. 


New Kareo Telemedicine

Kareo has announced its new Telemedicine solution which is a cloud-based telemedicine solution that will enable its more than 40,000 healthcare providers to conduct secure, HIPAA-compliant video consultations with new and existing patients. This announcement comes amid explosive growth in the telemedicine space, driven by enormous patient demand for convenient access to healthcare services. The Alliance for Connected Care concludes that a telemedicine visit represents $126 in savings as compared to an average in-person visit. With video consultations in the U.S. growing from 19.7 million in 2014 to an estimated 158.4 million by 2020, Kareo is putting its private practice clients at the forefront of an important transformation in healthcare delivery. Kareo Telemedicine will allow physicians and mid-level providers to conduct a wide range of appointments with patients remotely over secure video – with full reimbursement from private insurers. 

These video visits are ideal for varied types of routine consultations and follow-ups that do not require a physical examination, such as reviewing lab results, adjusting medications, and minor urgent care. Specialists, such as OB/GYNs, can utilize telemedicine to help manage postpartum depression, gestational diabetes, hypertension or preeclampsia, and family planning. 

Providers who use the Kareo integrated platform will be able to schedule video visits using the same workflow as for in-office appointments. At the time of the visit, providers can launch the video window with one click to see their patients face to face while documenting the encounter. Insurance eligibility verification and billing recommendations such as appropriate modifier codes will be included in the service. Scheduling a video visit in the Kareo Platform also triggers automated communication to the patient to remind them of their upcoming appointment, and provide secure login access at the time of the visit. 

Further help articles for Kareo Telemedicine available here:

Activation from Platform


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where manually entered ICD codes were not populating in the EDI/Claim.
  • Fixed an issue where the Encounters Detail report has printing issues (spacing/font).
  • Fixed an issue where the Encounters Detail report did NOT show ICD-10 codes and was only showing either ICD-9 codes only or blank screen.
  • Fixed an issue where customers were unable to print claims where Medicaid Secondary was the current payer.
  • Fixed an issue  where when a PM user went to the Practice Set Up Wizard - Step 1, an error was thrown after fields 'Address line 1', 'City' and 'State' were populated and then user tried to move on to another field. 
  • Fixed an issue where when creating a new encounter and associating it to an appointment with the same date and saving for review the date of service on the procedure line. Prior to the fix, the encounter would change to the date FOLLOWING the correct date of service if the appointment was set to any time after 5:59pm EST. 
  • Fixed an issue where the RTE was incorrect when checking via the policy and the insured was not the patient. An error message would show up that the patient birth date didn't match that for the patient on the database. 
  • Fixed a bug where checking eligibility failed while creating a new patient.


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