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Billing Release Notes August 22, 2019

Kareo continues to enhance the customer experience by releasing new features, making enhancements, squashing bugs, and delivering fresh documentation. Here's an update of the recent product improvements we've made with Kareo Billing, so you can easily stay up to date on what's new!

UB-04 Printed Claims Enhancements

Institutional claims now prints the attending and referring provider's taxonomy codes to reduce denials. The attending provider's taxonomy code will print in box 57a and the referring provider taxonomy code will print in box 81CC-c.

Print UB-04 Claims with Taxonomy Codes

  1. Verify the attending provider's specialty field is populated.
  2. If a referring provider is required, verify the referring provider's specialty field is populated.
  3. Create and approve the patient's UB-04 encounter with the appropriate attending and referring provider.
  4. Print the UB-04 claim and taxonomy code will populate in the following boxes:
    1. Box 57A: The attending provider's taxonomy code
    2. Box 81CC-c: The referring provider taxonomy code

Add Rev Code to Procedure Macro

Billers can now create procedure marco with Rev Codes to automatically populate on UB-04 encounters.

Create a Procedure Marco

  1. Click Settings > Procedure Macros. The Find Procedure Marco window opens.
  2. Click New. The New Procedure Marco window opens.
  3. Enter a unique Name.
  4. Select the appropriate ICD Mode.
  5. Populate the desired columns.
  6. Click Save when finished.
Now the procedure macro is available when creating a new UB-04 encounter.

General Improvement

  • Printed on-demand patient statements will include a link to pay online for customers with an active Instamed account.

Resolved Issues

  • Fixed an issue where the billing question phone number was not printed on patient statements
  • Fixed an issue where the patient's phone number did not print on the encounter form
  • Fixed an issue where Kareo Managed Billing users could not access billing task
  • Fixed an issue where the patient statements sent to the Guarantor was missing the patient name
  • Fixed an issue where the automatic electronic claim submission option would be disabled when an admin was added to the practice
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