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Billing Release Notes November 11, 2019

Kareo continues to enhance the customer experience by releasing new features, making enhancements, squashing bugs, and delivering fresh documentation. Here's an update of the recent product improvements we've made with Kareo Billing, so you can easily stay up to date on what's new!

Patient Statement: Stripe Payment Link on Printed Statements

Printed on-demand patient statements will include a pay online link for customers with Patient Payments enabled. This will give patients the flexibility to pay online without having to come into the office or wait for a patient statement. 


Spend less time billing and increase patient collections. Contact Kareo to set up patient statements.

General Improvement

  • Reduced visual clutter when sending patient statements, by moving the Save to File and Print Patient Statements options under Other.

Resolved Issues

  • Fixed an issue where the patient statements link to pay online for our Instamed customers was overlapping the global note
  • Fixed an issue to help reduce the frequency of exception errors and system hanging when multiple sessions are open
  • Fixed an issue where the simple EOB fields were cut off on the payment window


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