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Billing Release Notes January 23, 2020

Kareo continues to enhance the customer experience by releasing new features, making enhancements, squashing bugs, and delivering fresh documentation. Here's an update of the recent product improvements we've made with Kareo Billing, so you can easily stay up to date on what's new!

Medicare Encounters: Policy Number MBI Format Warning

To reduce potential Medicare claim rejections, a warning message appears when approving Medicare encounters where the policy numbers do not follow the new Medicare Beneficiary Identifier (MBI) format. This warning will only occur when approving an encounter in the New Encounter or Edit Encounter windows.

Policy Number MBI Format Warning

  • If the warning pop-up message appears:
    • For more information about the MBI format, click Help.
    • To update the patient's Medicare policy number, click No. Then, navigate to the case from the encounter to update the policy number with the MBI without hyphens (e.g., 1EG4TE5MK73).
    • To continue with the patient's existing policy number, click Yes. The encounter is approved.

Visit the CMS website for more information about getting MBIs and using MBIs.


General Improvement

  • The Patient Payments settings have been updated to be consistent with the Kareo Platform.
  • The Collect Patient Payment window launches within the Desktop Application instead of a web browser. 

Resolved Issues

  • Fixed an issue where users received an error message when attempting to generate a report 
  • Fixed an issue where users received an error message when attempting to access reoccurring appointments 
  • Fixed an issue where some accounts with Patient Portal and Patient Payments enabled did not have all Send Patient Statement methods available for selection 


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