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EHR Release Notes December 17, 2015

December 17, 2015


On Thursday, December 17, your Kareo EHR account was upgraded to the latest version. In this release is an upgrade to our latest Labs and Studies module. You should review all of the new features in this eLearning module on or before January 8, 2016. Your practice will be automatically upgraded to Kareo EHR Labs & Studies Version 2.0 the week of January 11, 2016. We have also released an improvement to the “Create Clinical Note” button in the EHR Dashboard to allow providers to create the note type of their choice quickly from the Dashboard. 

Mandatory Upgrade to Labs & Studies Version 2.0 in January!

Overall improvements to the core Labs & Studies workflows including ordering, processing, sign-off, and follow-up to improve efficiency and usability.

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EHR RN 12-17-15 image 2.png

EHR RN 12-17-15 image 3.png

Clearer, more actionable Labs & Studies statuses to see what’s immediately actionable for you, and also see what’s going on across your entire practice.

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Electronic end-to-end order, results, and follow-up tracking to make sure Labs & Studies don’t slip through the cracks, and patients get the care they need.

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Smarter electronic orders and results matching algorithm to avoid duplicate orders mucking up the patient’s chart


Continuous Improvements to Labs & Studies Version 2.0
Improvements to the new Labs & Studies Version 2.0 are ongoing as more users are added to the new version.


Improved handling of Labs & Studies permissions for office staff role 

Previously, office staff encountered an error when trying to access Labs & Studies in Version 2.0. Now office staff are provided read-only view of Labs & Studies practice-level and patient-level lists but no ability to see lab results in the Labs & Studies detail view. This enables office staff to answer basic questions from a patient (e.g., “Are my lab results in yet?”) without the ability to view potentially sensitive patient lab results. Nothing has changed with the Labs & Studies permissions for provider and clinical assistant roles. If you have office staff who often cover for clinical assistants or perform some clinical assistant tasks, you should provide that user with the Clinical Assistant role under Menu > Admin > Set Up Users.  

EHR RN 12-17-15 image 6.png


Limited Signed category in practice Labs & Studies view to last 24 hours

Previously, all Labs & Studies signed in the practice remained under the Signed category, leading to practices with hundreds if not thousands of labs under the Signed category in the practice Labs & Studies view. Now only Labs & Studies signed within the last 24 hours will show under the Recently Signed category in the practice Labs & Studies view. Any results signed more than 24 hours ago will still be accessible in the patient’s chart.

EHR RN 12-17-15 image 7.png

Clearer auditing of who signed a lab result and when

To enable better auditing, Kareo EHR now clearly displays the provider who signed each lab result and when they signed the result in the practice lab list, patient lab list, lab detail page, and lab detail popover.

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EHR RN 12-17-15 image 9.png

Prompt user to sign up for electronic lab (eLab) connections in-app 

For you to receive the full benefits of Labs & Studies Version 2.0, sign up for electronic lab (eLab) connectivity to be able to electronically send orders to and receive results from your most commonly used laboratories. You will now be directed to the Kareo eLabs Enrollment Guide within the Labs & Studies workflow, in the Create Order screen, if you have not yet enrolled in eLabs. 

EHR RN 12-17-15 image 10.png


Prompt user to add lab viewer when designating follow-up 

Often times, providers need to designate a lab result for follow-up (e.g., clinical assistant must call patient regarding results). In order to “forward” the lab to another user, the provider must add the designated user in the “Share Viewers” list. If the provider designates a lab result as “Pending Follow-up” but does not have another viewer (other than him or herself) listed, a soft-warning is displayed to prompt the user to add a user in the "Share Viewers" list. 

EHR RN 12-17-15 image 11.png


Note Type Selection Drop-down Added to EHR Dashboard “Create Clinical Note” Button

This feature is intended to reduce the number of clicks to get you to the right note type. A drop down has been added to the "Create Clinical Note" button in the Dashboard so any note type the practice has active can be chosen speeding selection of the right note type.

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