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EHR Release Notes February 8, 2016

February 8, 2016

On Monday, February 8, your Kareo EHR account was upgraded to the latest version. This release includes group appointments and notes, improved appointment and clinical note linking, new default note options and updated Medicare drug formulary reference files. For more information on the specific features, see below.

Group Appointments and Group Notes

Within Kareo EHR you can now combine primary care data with features like group appointments and group notes. This is an exciting feature that can benefit patients and increase practice revenue!

To activate group appointments and group notes, go to Calendar Settings, select group appointments and select on. 

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You can now schedule a group appointment from the calendar in Kareo by selecting a time slot and selecting "Schedule a Group Appointment." 

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You can then enter appointment details and add multiple attendees on the same screen.

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From the main dashboard you can view and expand your group appointments and directly launch a group note by selecting the “Create a Group Note” button below the appointment.

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Improved Appointment to Clinical Note Linking

Previously, provider notes were auto-linked to appointments only if the provider selected the "Create Clinical Note" button from the Dashboard.

A new appointment picker has been introduced to the Note Editor that recommends a list of appointments (with visit reason, date, and time listed) for the patient from the last 90-days that have yet to be linked to a provider note.

This will help ensure that provider notes are consistently linked back to the appropriate appointment and date of service. You will receive an error if you fail to associate a date of visit with the note upon saving and closing the note. 

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If you do not schedule patients in Kareo, or if the patient does not have any unlinked appointments for the last 90 days, you will see a date picker instead of an appointment picker to set the appropriate date of service for the provider note. 

Image 14 for 2-8-16.png

Default Note Type Control in My Settings

To streamline charting workflow, you are now automatically assigned a system default note type based on your specialty.

You can override the system default by going to My Settings and selecting a default note type of your choice. You must log out and log back in for the new default note type to take hold.

You can then create a new note of your default note type with one click from your Dashboard or within a patient's chart.  

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Medicare Drug Formulary Reference File Updated for 2016

The drug formulary list in Kareo has been updated to reflect the most up-to-date drug list recommendations for Medicare for calendar year 2016. The updated formulary can help you manage drug costs for your patients imposed by Medicare or any of the hundreds of commercial insurance plans that reference the Medicare drug formulary. You can add a formulary to your patient's chart and access the formulary information within the e-prescribing workflow by following the steps outlined in the Drug Formulary Help File

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