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Kareo Clinical Release Notes June 29, 2016

Clinical Release Notes 06-29-2016
On Wednesday, June 29, your Kareo Clinical account was upgraded to the latest version. With this release, the Kareo team focused on features to improve clinical documentation customization and efficiency for your practice. This release includes the ability to customize your note types, order labs and studies directly from within the Plan section of a clinical note, and manage co-signing of notes. For more information on the specific features, review additional details below.

Watch the What's New video for a recap of the features included in this release.

Custom Note Types

Kareo users will now have the ability to customize the structure of their clinical notes to their liking. The “Custom Note Types” feature allows system administrators and providers to copy a system default note type (e.g., SOAP) and customize the note, such as rename the note type and sections within a note, add additional sections, delete unnecessary sections, and rearrange sections. When done with customizations, practice administrators and providers can save and publish their changes, which shares the new note type with everyone in their practice. Administrators can edit other user’s custom note types, while providers (without system administrator role) will only have the ability to edit their own custom note types. 

EHR RN 6-29-16 1.png

After creating a custom note type (e.g., Smith Family Practice SOAP), you can still use our SALT “Same as Last Time” Note feature to copy notes from previous note types you used (e.g., SOAP or H&P) to your new custom note type.  

EHR RN 6-29-16 2.png


EHR RN 6-29-16 3.png

Read more about how to create a custom note type here.

Learn more about copying a note using the SALT feature here.

Order Lab & Studies from a Note

Providers can now order labs & studies directly from the Plan section within a clinical note. This feature prevents providers from having to close out of the clinical note and into the patient's chart to order a lab. Once the lab is successfully ordered, a summary of the lab tests, ordering provider, and ordering date and time are included into the Plan section of the clinical note. All other parts of the lab and studies workflow, from ordering and processing to resulting and signing, remain the same no matter if the lab or study was ordered from the note or the patient's chart. 

EHR RN 6-29-16 4.png

Co-signing a Note

Providers can now request co-signature on their note and designate a co-signing provider.

EHR RN 6-29-16 5.png

The designated co-signer will see the note in their Open Notes list in "Needs Co-sign" status. This feature is relevant for practices with interns, residents, NPs, Physical Therapy Aides, etc. who legally require co-signature on a percentage of or all of their notes, depending on state regulations. 

EHR RN 6-29-16 6.png

Note: Kareo users with Clinical Assistant role are still prohibited from signing notes do not have the ability to "Sign & Request Co-signature" on a note. 

Both initial signer and co-signer receive "credit" for the encounter for Meaningful Use and CQM reporting purposes. 

Learn more about the co-sign feature in these help articles: 

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