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Clinical Release Notes September 14, 2016

On Wednesday, September 14, 2016, your Kareo Clinical account was upgraded to the latest version. Kareo Clinical is releasing Physical Therapy Note Types and Templates to improve our out-of-the-box content for Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy providers. These new note types and templates are available on both our web (EHR) and mobile apps. As with all of our Note Types and Templates, users can customize them for their specific needs under My Settings. 

Physical Therapy Note Types 
Kareo Clinical now comes with four new note types to cover the most common types of clinical notes written by Physical Therapists.

  • Physical Therapy Initial Evaluation Note
  • Physical Therapy Interim Note
  • Physical Therapy Progress Note
  • Physical Therapy Discharge Summary Note 

All out-of-the-box note types are customizable to meet providers’ specific documentation needs. For more information on how to customize note types, see our Help Center article called Create a Custom Note Type. or watch the video instructions here.

Providers will find these new Physical Therapy note types under the "Physical Therapy" specialty filter or "Occupational Therapy" specialty filter. 

  • By selecting "Physical Therapy" specialty filter, providers will see the following note types available to them and can always activate additional note types by selecting the "Inactive" tab and activating additional note types. 

To access Physical Therapy Note Types

From the Note Types page under My Settings, click Set Specialty Filter, select Physical Therapy from the More Actions drop-down menu, and click Apply Filter.

EHR RN 9-14-16 1.png

  • All note types applicable to Physical Therapy display under the Active tab. 
  • Click the heart icon to set a note type as the default. 
  • Click the Inactive tab to view and reactivate note types automatically moved to the inactive list.
  • When the Occupational Therapy specialty filter is selected, providers will see all of the note types shown for Physical Therapy, in addition to SOAP, Therapist Initial Visit, and Therapist Progress notes types. This allows the provider to treat a combination of physical and behavioral conditions of their patients.

EHR RN 9-14-16 2.png

Physical Therapy Templates
Kareo Clinical now comes with documentation templates that cover many of the body parts treated by Physical Therapists. Templates help Physical Therapists chart on patient information efficiently and comprehensively, and spans documentation for Reason for Referral, Subjective, Objective, Test and Measures, Treatment, and Plan in the clinical note. Templates were developed with the help of our internal clinical content experts and Kareo customers in our Physical Therapy Advisory Board. 

  • PT Cervical
  • PT Hip
  • PT Knee
  • PT Lumbosacral
  • PT Shoulder

Templates are customizable by going to My Settings > Templates, but attending Template Editor Training first is highly recommended.

Right is a screenshot of our PT Cervical Template in the Test and Measures section of a Physical Therapy Initial Evaluation note. The Test and Measures section of our Physical Therapy templates feature many of the standardized tests physical therapists need to assess the severity of a patient's injury.  EHR RN 9-14-16 3.png
The screenshot on the right shows our PT Cervical Template in the Treatments section of a Physical Therapy Initial Evaluation note. The Treatments section of our Physical Therapy templates feature commonly used passive and active treatments.  EHR RN 9-14-16 4.png
Upon closing the template, documentation is automatically populated into the relevant note section.  EHR RN 9-14-16 5.png

Co-signing a Note
Co-signing a Note was released in June 2016 but is repeated here as a refresher. 

For practices with Physical Therapy Assistants who may be creating and signing notes but require a Physical Therapist’s co-signature, Kareo EHR now has the ability for the Physical Therapy Assistant to request co-signature from another provider.

For more information, see our Help Center articles called Sign Note and Request Co-signature and Co-signing a Note

SALT (Same As Last Time) Superbill
SALT Superbill was released in August 2016 but is repeated here as a refresher. 

Kareo now offers improved Superbill submission efficiency for providers who replicate patient diagnoses and charges during subsequent visits. The SALT (Same As Last Time) Superbill feature copies diagnoses and charges from a patient's previous Superbill and adds them to the current one. A provider can make any necessary changes to the information and submit the Superbill for processing. 

For more information, see our Help Center article called Create Superbill Using SALT Feature

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