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Clinical (EHR) Release Notes October 6, 2016

On October 6, 2016, your Kareo Clinical account was upgraded to the latest version. This release includes ICD-10 enhancements that provide improved workflow processes throughout the system. We’ve also appended all new ICD-10 codes in accordance with the CMS 2017 update.

SNOMED TO ICD-10 Problem/Diagnosis Search

SNOMED to ICD-10 mapping is now integrated into Kareo Clinical.

  1. The problem/issue field when adding a new patient problem will now search a far more robust set of SNOMED descriptions and terms to make finding the appropriate ICD-10 code more direct and less tedious.
  2. The SNOMED code is now visible to the user in the problem/issue results drop-down.

EHR RN 10-1-16.png

ICD-10 Search Improvements and New Drop-down

We've made some big improvements to ease finding the right ICD-10 code and the right specificity of code. These new search features are available in the patient problems section, in the note, and on the superbill.

  1. A more robust search feature no longer requires entering exact keywords to find results.
  2. The new results drop-down allows you to easily drill down to the proper specificity code.

EHR RN 10-1-16 2.png

ICD-10 is Now Primary Code of Record

ICD-10 is now the code of record in Kareo Clinical, and ICD-9 is now an optional data element. This improvement means that lateral codes will no longer flag a "duplicate code" error.

  1. An ICD-10 code must be selected to save a new problem.
  2. If the system is able to determine the appropriate ICD-9 code, it will automatically downcode.

EHR RN 10-1-16 3.png

Easily Select Saved Coding Favorites

Click in the ICD-10 Problem field to view and select from your saved coding favorites. When a favorite code is selected, the appropriate Problem/Issue auto-populates, and the system automatically maps to an ICD-9 code (if available). Coding favorites can also be accessed by clicking in the ICD-9 field.

EHR RN 10-1-16 6.png

Injury Coding Improvements: Changing Extensions

We've made it easier to change an extension on injury codes (7th character) in the patient problem section, the note, and on the superbill.

  1. For any ICD-10 code that contains a 7th character extension, there is a "Change Extension" button in the problem modal.
  2. Clicking "Change Extension" allows the user to select a different extension. A new problem is documented with the new extension and the prior problem is automatically marked as inactive. 

EHR RN 10-1-16 4.png

Active Patient Problem Dropdown

In Labs/Studies and the superbill, clicking on the Diagnoses/ICD-10 search bar will now default a drop-down that includes all active patient problems/diagnosis, reducing the number of clicks required to complete either task. The blue person icon that indicates that these are patient problems.

EHR RN 10-1-16 5.png

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