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Clinical (EHR) Release Notes October 19, 2016

On Wednesday, October 19, 2016, your Kareo Clinical account was upgraded to the latest version. This release includes the new Kareo Rx Saver feature plus enhancements non-clinical notes and templates.

Kareo Rx Saver (Powered by GoodRx)

Kareo Clinical has now integrated Kareo Rx Saver, a feature that allows providers to offer patients information on the best prescription pricing available in the area as well as any coupons for their medication.

Forty-five percent of Americans have trouble paying for their medication, and for patients who have not filled a prescription, the number one reason cited is cost. This new feature can help improve medication compliance and patient outcomes, whether the provider prescribes electronically or on paper, by reducing out-of-pocket costs for patients.

Medication coupons can be easily be printed and/or distributed via text and email. If a mobile number or email is available in patient demographics, it will automatically populate these, and if not, a text field prompts you to input that information. The experience is seamless and does not hinder or add any additional clicks to the current prescription process, but provides huge benefit for patients and their relationship with their doctor.

KareoRx Saver for New Prescriptions

View medication pricing and coupons available through local pharmacies from the Prescribe Medication page.

  1. Enter the drug name and quantity, then click Find a Pharmacy to compare pricing estimates for the medication by pharmacy.

EHR RN 10-19-16 1.png

  1. The Rx Saver coupon displays for the selected pharmacy.
  2. Choose to text, email, or print the coupon for the patient. If a mobile number or email is entered in the patient's demographics, it will automatically populate when the option is selected. A mobile number or email can also be manually entered, if necessary. 

The coupon is sent to the patient via text or email after the prescription is sent to the pharmacy (eRx) or printed (if not enrolled in ePrescribing).

EHR RN 10-19-16 2.png

Find and Send/Resend a Coupon for an Existing Prescription

Coupons can be sent to patients or printed for active prescriptions in the patient record. 

  1. Clicking on the medication in the Active Medications list.
  2. Click Find Coupon in the Medication Information window.
  3. Select how to send the coupon to the patient in the Rx Saver window.
  4. Click Send.

EHR RN 10-19-16 12.png

See our how-to article and FAQs for more information on Kareo Rx Saver.


Non-Clinical Notes Enhancements

Kareo Clinical now allows you to create, save, and "complete" non-clinical notes. Non-clinical notes will no longer require provider sign-off. Non-clinical notes include:

  • Amendments to document patient requests to amend information in their chart.
  • Memo to Record to document non-clinical memos regarding the patient such as patient requested copy of chart, which was provided on date/time.
  • Office Form to document forms created on behalf of the patient such as a Return to Work Form.
  • Phone Note to document non-clinical phone conversation with patient such as patient called and requires nurse call-back.

System administrators and office staff roles now have access to Patient record > Notes and can click + Create Note to create a non-clinical note. Providers and Clinical Assistants will continue to have the ability to click + Create Note to create both clinical and non-clinical notes. 

EHR RN 10-19-16 4.png

System administrators and office staff roles will see a modified Note editor which only shows non-clinical Patient Notes & Documents on the left to prevent these roles from seeing clinical data they should not have access to. 

EHR RN 10-19-16 5.png

By selecting "Save & Close" on the bottom right, the non-clinical note stays in “Open” (editable draft) status. Users can see non-clinical notes they created but have not yet completed in their Open Notes list on the Kareo Clinical dashboard.

EHR RN 10-19-16 6.png

EHR RN 10-19-16 7.png

When you complete a non-clinical note by clicking "Complete" on the bottom left of the note, the note is no longer editable and the note status updates to "Complete." Your name, credentials, and the date and time are listed at the bottom of the non-clinical note.

EHR RN 10-19-16 8.png

Both non-clinical and clinical notes continue to show in the Notes section of the patient chart.


Template Default & Favorites Enhancements

Currently, Kareo Clinical defaults back to the system default note template when you log out of the system. Kareo Clinical will now remember the last used template as the default template in each note section, even when you log out of the system.

In addition, if you are switching often between a handful of commonly-used templates, Kareo now allows favorite templates per section within the Note itself under My Settings > Templates.

You can hover over your favorite templates and select the star to the left of each template to flag your favorite templates to the top of your templates list. The same template favorite starring can be accessed via My Settings > Templates. 

EHR RN 10-19-16 9.png

EHR RN 10-19-16 10.png

EHR RN 10-19-16 11.png

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