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Clinical (EHR) Release Notes November 1, 2016

On November 1, 2016, your Kareo Clinical account was upgraded to the latest version. This release includes changes to feature permissions for providers without a subscription to the Clinical module.

Some specific Clinical features will only be available for providers with an active Clinical subscription. Provider user accounts without an active Clinical module subscription will have access to clinical information but will be restricted from the following:

  • Signing clinical notes
  • Prescribing medications
  • Submitting superbills to Kareo Desktop Application (PM/Billing)
  • Being assigned as ordering provider for lab orders

For providers who should have access to these clinical functions, please ensure that the Clinical module is active in Practice Settings > User Settings.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Q: What Clinical features will be blocked for providers without the Clinical module subscription?
A: The following functions will be blocked:

  • Signing of clinical notes
  • Submitting of superbill encounter to Billing
  • Prescribing of medications
  • Being listed as ordering provider on labs

Q: Besides the blocked features, are there any other changes to Clinical module?
A: The provider will still have access to all other areas of the Clinical module, including creating clinical notes and superbills, viewing patient medication lists, and creating lab orders.

Q: How do I grant providers access to be able to sign notes, submit superbills, prescribe medications, and be listed as the ordering provider on labs?
A: The practice administrator (or user with administrator privilege) can activate the Clinical module subscription for the provider's user account in Practice Settings > User Settings.


Clinical Note Restriction EHR RN 11-1-16 1.png
Superbill Restriction EHR RN 11-1-16 2.png
Prescribing Restriction EHR RN 11-1-16 3.png


EHR RN 11-1-16 4.png

EHR RN 11-1-16 5.png

Lab Order Restriction EHR RN 11-1-16 6.png
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