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Clinical (EHR) Release Notes March 23, 2017

On Thursday, March 23, 2017, your Kareo Clinical account will be upgraded to the latest version. This release includes exciting new Kareo Rx Saver enhancements and improved clinical note autosaving and template defaulting.

Improved Template Defaulting in Clinical Notes

This new feature will allow users to explicitly pick a "default" template instead of always using the last one. The default template selection persists throughout the note.

What is the problem?

Currently, the Kareo templating system defaults to a system default template called “default” if it is the user’s first time using templates. If a user selects a template in a specific note section, the last template used in that section is defaulted.

Why are we doing this?

After much customer feedback, we have decided to improve the template defaulting to allow a user to select their own default template by going to My Settings > Templates > Set Default Template.

This allows users who have customized their own template or use a single template across visits a majority of the time to set a specific template as their default instead of using the system’s default template or the last template used in that section.

If the user decides to use a different template within an open note, the template chosen during that charting session will carry through as the default to all other sections in that particular open note. These changes allow the note templating system to function well for users who have a specific template they use most often as well as those who use templates on-the-fly.

What are the steps to enable this?

Set your default template on the Templates page under My Settings. 

Improved Clinical Note Autosaving

What is the issue? 

Providers are reporting that their clinical notes are not saving when they get timed out of the system. Clinical note data loss is a big detractor for providers, even if it happens infrequently and can lead to loss of productivity and worse, lost/forgotten information that can negatively impact patient care.

How does a clinical note automatically save?

Create a note and click Save & Close. Then, open the newly saved note.

Kareo now automatically saves the note when a user is timed out of the system or jumps into Care Checklist, Send a Referral, or Superbill from a note, and every time a user moves from one section of the note to the next.

If the user does not click Save & Close first, Kareo will not be able to automatically save the note.

Kareo Rx Saver Enhancements

The #1 reason Americans don't take their medications as prescribed is one thing, COST. As an example, 45% of Americans have trouble paying for prescriptions they need and as a result, 26% of them end up not filling a prescription because they can’t afford it.

Why Kareo Rx Saver? 

Back in October 2016, Kareo introduced an easy new way to instantly help patients get a good deal on prescription medications at their local pharmacies. Kareo Rx Saver, offers patients information on the best prescription pricing available in the area as well any coupons for their medication, all directly from the Kareo Clinical (EHR) prescribing workflow.

What benefits will Kareo Rx Saver provide?  

Medication pricing & coupons are currently integrated into the Kareo Clinical module, providing our customers with the best medication pricing
 available to help drive better clinical outcomes when providers are prescribing medication to patients on paper or electronically

How does Kareo Rx Saver work? 

Every week Kareo Rx Saver collects millions of prices and discounts from pharmacies, drug manufacturers and other sources. They in turn pass these deals on to customers by telling them where to find them. Kareo Rx Saver shows prices, coupons, discounts and cost savings tips for a customer’s prescription at pharmacies near them. See our article on Using Kareo Rx Saver

How are the discounts distributed?

Through Kareo Rx Saver, medication coupons will be easily distributed via SMS text, email, and/or printing a physical copy. If a mobile number or email is available in patient demographics, it will automatically populate these fields. If not, a text field prompts the user to input that information. This creates a seamless experience and does not hinder or add any additional clicks to the current prescription process, but provides huge benefits for patients and their relationship with their provider.

What enhancements are being made?

Twice as Many Pharmacies

We have added support for independent pharmacy coupons by popular demand. This is in addition to all of the retail pharmacy coupons already supported from the initial Rx Saver launch in October 2016. This means your patients will now have access to drug coupons for twice as many pharmacies.


Quickly Compare Pharmacies

Quickly compare additional pharmacies to provide your patients’ with the best drug price.

If you or your patient is dissatisfied with a particular pharmacy’s drug price, click Check for Lower Prices. The Pharmacy Search window will open with the patient’s Zip automatically defaulted. Click Search and the medication price will display next to each local pharmacy, with the cheapest on top, for easy comparison.

Patient Coupon Improvements

The printable coupon has been reformatted for easier readability.

Bug Fixes

We addressed over 50 bugs this month including:

  • Fixed a bug due to LabSoft vendor that prevented labs from saving under Labs & Studies in patient chart using Firefox.
  • Fixed an issue with missing "Save/Cancel" buttons on the template editor window.
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