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Clinical (EHR) Release Notes April 20, 2017

We improve the Kareo platform every day by releasing new features, making enhancements, squashing bugs, and delivering fresh documentation. Here's an account of what's recently happened with Kareo Clinical. 

Maintain Note Type Section Order when Changing Note Types

In a prior release, Kareo introduced custom note types with customizable note sections and section order. This month's release resolves a problem that occurs when an open note is changed to a custom note via the note type drop-down. When changing the default note to a custom note, the note sections (CC, Subjective, Allergies, etc.) are not in the proper order. 

Now, custom note sections will always maintain their assigned order, causing less frustration.

What did the problem look like?

See below for a demonstration of the problem before this month's release.

  1. A new clinical note is opened, and the default note type appears.
  2. The note type is changed to Dr. M's Custom note type (in which CC section is ordered first).
  3. Dr. M's Custom note type is loaded with the correct sections, but incorrect order.

Improved Kareo Rx Coupon Text Messages

Kareo Clinical (both web and mobile) recently integrated Kareo Rx Saver, a feature that allows providers to offer patients information on the best prescription pricing available in the area as well as any coupons for their medication. With Kareo Rx, medication coupons can be easily be printed and/or distributed via text and email. 

Forty-five percent of Americans have trouble paying for their medication, and for patients who have not filled a prescription, the number one reason cited is cost. This new feature can help improve medication compliance and patient outcomes, whether the provider prescribes electronically or on paper, by reducing out-of-pocket costs for patients.

The design of the coupon SMS messages was improved for a better patient experience and redemption rate. The SMS message was simplified to clearly show the message comes from the patient's doctor, and given an official-looking drug coupon with a shortened URL.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed error relating to a "Template request failed" message in a note section when the user-defined template is not associated with that section.
  • Fixed an issue preventing sign off of lab results after an eLab is assigned to another provider, converted to a paper lab, and given an attached document.
  • Fixed issue where clinical notes in the "open state" could not be opened or completed if the note was linked to an appointment that had an insurance authorization with no end date.
  • Added new immunization schedules and VIS dates for 2017.
  • Fixed an error with custom note types created from system PT notes types.
  • Solved an issue that would send certain appt. confirmation code replies to the provider's secure message box.
  • Fixed bug that would prevent a Yelp logo/link from appearing on a provider profile.


Lastly, we wanted to give you all a quick update on Kareo’s extensive efforts around MACRA.


In mid-October, CMS released the final rule for MACRA. MACRA’s Quality Payment Program, or QPP, is designed to pay providers based on quality rather than quantity of care. You may be familiar with other programs like PQRS and Meaningful Use. The Quality Payment Program consolidates these programs into a single program starting 2017. This is just the start of the movement towards paying providers for quality. We are already seeing commercial payers follow suit. 

This means in order to maximize your reimbursements, or even just prevent negative adjustments to your reimbursements, you must have the right EHR in place. It must allow you to capture and access the clinical data you need, in the correct format necessary, to prove you provide high quality care to your patients. Kareo Clinical is a certified, easy-to-use EHR that has all of the documentation, clinical decision tools, and reports you need to succeed. 

Kareo is here to help. In the last few months, Kareo has held webinars and written blog articles to help independent practices prepare for and thrive under MACRA. 

Key future releases:

  • For “Quality” component: Kareo is building a quality measure selection and reporting tool for our Clinical EHR customers coming out Summer, 2017.
    • This report will be used to select a customer’s measures and track their progress
    • Q1 2017 next year, customers will be able to run a final report and input their quality performance data into a registry.  Kareo has a working relationship with Covisint.
  • For “Advancing Care Information” component: Kareo is building technology use reporting tools for our Clinical EHR customers coming out Summer, 2017.
    • This report will be used to track a customer’s progress on required technology use.
    • Q1 2018 next year, customers will be able to run the final report and submit their usage data using CMS Website Attestation.

Please don’t forget! We have a swath of information available on MACRA which we encourage you to peruse at when you get some time.

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