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Clinical (EHR) Release Notes June 22, 2017

Kareo has begun to rollout quality measure selections and report tools around MACRA.


In mid-October, CMS released the final rule for MACRA. MACRA’s Quality Payment Program, or QPP, is designed to pay providers based on quality rather than quantity of care. You may be familiar with other programs like PQRS and Meaningful Use. The Quality Payment Program consolidates these programs into a single program starting 2017. This is just the start of the movement towards paying providers for quality. We are already seeing commercial payers follow suit. 

This means in order to maximize your reimbursements, or even just prevent negative adjustments to your reimbursements, you must have the right EHR in place. It must allow you to capture and access the clinical data you need, in the correct format necessary, to prove you provide high quality care to your patients. Kareo Clinical is a certified, easy-to-use EHR that has all of the documentation, clinical decision tools, and reports you need to succeed. 

Kareo is here to help. In the last few months, Kareo has held webinars and written blog articles to help independent practices prepare for and thrive under MACRA. And in the coming weeks, we are offering free training classes with our MACRA expert.

MACRA Advancing Care Dashboard

What’s new?

  • These dashboards will be found under the Clinical drop-down menu.
  • When opened it will take the customer to a dashboard that is setup to help providers that will tell them if they have collected sufficient points towards the Advancing Care category of MIPS.
  • The information is now being captured on the dashboard so its easily accessible.
  • They will see a notification to the dashboard which will be reflective in a score.
  • As they progress, the score will improve and the goal is to get to a score of 100.
  • The score is segregated by categories and can be monitored by Clinical Staff.
  • Staff can click on each measure to see what needs to be required to meet compliance.
  • Staff can also click on links to get access to “Expert Services”.
  • When a provider meets their requirements, the calculated values will improve. They can also see how these scores are calculated.
  • Providers can also see patients who could benefit from being looked at to help them meet requirements and get a higher score. 

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