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Clinical (EHR) Release Notes July 20, 2017

On Thursday, July 20, 2017, your Kareo Clinical account will be upgraded to the latest version. This release includes enhancements to Imaging Studies and continued rollout of quality measure selections and reporting tools for MACRA.

New Comment Boxes on Imaging Studies

In addition to being a required function for 2015 Edition Certification, this project allows our customers to more effectively communicate about an imaging study internally and with patients via the patient portal. Imaging Studies will have two new fields, Internal Comments and Comments shared with patient. Internal comments are not shared with patients and multiple comments can be saved on a single study. Comments shared with patients are shown in the patient portal alongside any imaging study results.

Summary of enhancements include:

  • Imaging results can now be shared with a patient via their Portal, once the results have been reviewed and signed by a provider.
  • New field that allows internal comments and communication between multiple users in the practice.

MIPS Quality Measures Dashboard

The MIPS Quality Measures Dashboard monitors a provider’s progress toward the reporting of the Quality category of the MIPS program.  The Quality category is one of the third MIPS categories that determine a provider’s overall score for Medicare reimbursement.  This category accounts for 60% of the provider’s overall score.

The dashboard is visible for Administrators and Providers.

  • We are releasing 25+ quality measures that can be utilized by a variety of specialties.
  • The dashboard is located under the Clinical drop-down menu.  The first time that a provider opens the dashboard, they will be guided through a setup.  They can review their Eligibility, the MIPS scoring, and the Pick-Your-Pace options for reporting.
  • Once they have completed or bypassed the setup, they can select the measures they wish to report.
  • Reports can be configured for the entire year or any portion thereof.
  • Once the report is done generating, users will receive a message in their inbox with a prompt to review the report.
  • Users can view their progress for each specific measures on a Report Card.
  • A Gap List will allow users to review the patients that did not meet the measure criteria.
  • If applicable, providers may also exclude a patient from the measure, if there are extenuating circumstances.

Guided Setup screen

Measure Selection screen

Bugs Fixes

  • Added the new VIS date for the Td (Tetanus, Diphtheria) vaccine.
  • Fix issue where users were unable to add a custom allergy from a patient note.
  • Fixed bug with the creation of a new patient portal account when coming from the re-invitation email.
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