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Clinical (EHR) Release Notes July 18, 2019

In July 2019, your Kareo Clinical account will be upgraded to the latest version.

Access Flowsheets from a Note

Flowsheets allow providers to review a combination of pertinent patient vitals and lab results in one screen from the patient's chart. Providers can now view the patient's flowsheet in a note without disrupting their workflow.

This feature will be available July 24, 2019.

Access Flowsheets  

  1. Create or open an existing note for a patient.
  2. Click Flowsheets. The Flowsheets pop-up window opens. 
  1. Select a flowsheet from the drop-down to view the patient's data.

General Improvements

  • Providers can now create a Med Spa Procedure or Med Spa IV Procedure note.
  • The following Med Spa templates are now available:
    • Med Spa: Botox Procedure
    • Med Spa: Filler Procedure
    • Med Spa: Injection Therapy
    • Med Spa: IV Therapy
    • Med Spa: Kybella Procedure
    • Med Spa: Laser Hair Removal
  • The QRDA 1 and 3 download message has been updated to state, "We will notify you once your QRDA (I or III) is ready for download. This file may not be usable for CMS reporting. Please contact our MACRA support team for further assistance."

Resolved Issues

  • Fixed an issue where providers were unable to access eRx send failures or clear them from the outstanding items list 
  • Fixed an issue where the PDF did not generate when printing a clinical note
  • Fixed an issue where the Immunization screen was not displaying all combo vaccination information
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