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Clinical (EHR) Release Notes May 21, 2020

In May 2020, your Kareo Clinical account will be upgraded to the latest version.

Complete Screening Tool Within Note

Kareo's new In-Note Screening Tools allows providers the ability to complete screening tools with the patient within the clinical note. Available screening tools for providers:

  • GAD-7
  • HAM-A
  • PCL-5
  • PHQ-9

Providers subscribed to Engage can also send screening tools (GAD-7, PCL-5, and PHQ-9) for the patient to complete before their appointment. Patients can also complete screening tools in the office using Kareo Kiosk.

Complete Screening Tool

  1. Create a note or open an existing note for the patient.
  2. Click to open the Test or Mental/Functional section and click Screening Tools. The Add Screening Tools pop-up window opens.
  1. Select a screening tool. The screening tool opens in the pop-up window for the provider to complete with the patient.
  2. Click Save and Close when finished.
Once completed, the total score is added in the corresponding section of the note. The completed screening tool will be saved as a document in the patient's chart, allowing providers to review the results within the clinical note. Clinical_ScreeningTools_Saved.png

Additional Screening Tools

In addition to the GAD-7 and PHQ-9, Kareo now offers PCL-5 and HAM-A screening tools.

Mental Health providers can use the new In-Note Screening Tools to complete these screening tools with the patient within the clinical note. 

Screening tool HAM-A is only available through In-Note Screening Tools.

For Engage Subscriber: Send patients screening tools GAD-7, PCL-5, and/or PHQ-9 to complete before their appointment. Patients can also complete screening tools in the office using Kareo Kiosk.


Telehealth Notes and Templates

Providers can now create notes and use templates specific to telemedicine appointments

The 15 new adult primary care Telehealth templates gives provider's the ability to capture the patient's location, consent, and participants within the clinical note. Clinical_Note_TeleGeneral.png
Provider can document the visit with a Telehealth H&P or Telehealth SOAP note using one new Telehealth templates. Clinical_Note_TeleSoap.png

General Improvements

  • A printed signed note will now explicitly show that it was electronically signed by the provider and include a date/time stamp. 
  • Updated the following Immunization VIS date to reflect current CDC guidelines.
    • Multi-Vaccines (DTaP, Hib, Hepatitis B, Polio, and PCV13)
    • Routine-Vaccines: DTaP , Tdap, and Td
    • Non-Routine-Vaccines: Yellow Fever

Resolved Issues

  • Fixed an issue where users received an error when add a drug to favorites
  • Fixed an issue where providers were able to prescribe discontinued drugs
  • Fixed an issue where eLabs were sent with the incorrect patient date of birth
  • Fixed an issue where the template button is missing from the Mental/Functional and Test section of a clinical note
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